Christmas Eve

I grew up in a place where Christmas meant more than presents and good food. Christmas time was incomplete without hot chocolate, poofy coats and weather so cold, you couldn't step outside. This sounds like the stereotypical winter scene, right?
Well, this year I am learning about a new way to enjoy the holidays. No coat. No shoes. No snow.
I never thought a Christmas Eve tradition would involve making fresh orange juice.

It was a new experience to pick fresh oranges straight off the tree on Christmas Eve and juice them, but new traditions are fun. Two big buckets made three gallons of pure orange juice - and with a little bit of sugar, they were delicious.
I've learned that this year, instead of sending cookies out to neighbors while singing Christmas carols, orange juice is a happy way to say, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!


Catch Up

There is a message on my chalkboard that never made it to the world wide web. It reads: "be back soon! It's finals week". It felt more like finals month! My husband and I have been hard at work studying and finishing projects for the end of our semester. Along with this month came some adventures and interesting finds. Here's what has happened since I was away in no particular order.

1. Thanksgiving. A time to be with family and eat delicious food. We spent half of the time with family in Disneyland and the other half in Arizona - who knew November, could be so warm!

2. My husband's birthday. He is a big fan of the Zac Brown Band, so for his gift I got him tickets to their tour in January.

3. Finished the entire Fablehaven series. My husband argues that they are better than harry potter. Well, that might be a stretch, but they are sooo good. Also, Seth doesn't die... Don't worry.

4. Picked up my guitar after six months without it and found out I married a country singer.

5. Was featured on generation-t's website. That was a Christmas present in itself because I have been a fan of their books for years.

6. Did I mention finals? I was working on many time-consuming projects and presentations. I'm glad they are done, but I have to admit that I enjoyed my classes and I’m excited for the next semester. Among working with clients such as Children's Miracle Network and L’Oreal Brandstorm, I was reminded why I love my major. One particular project involved creating a logo and marketing an alternative energy. It was so much fun to focus on the details and movement of a mark.
7. Discovered anthology. It’s a magazine about living with substance and style. I found it while shopping with my grandmother in Anthropologie and found an inspiration piece that I can't wait to share! Stay tuned...
8. Tried a delicious cheddar ham chowder along with a dance program or two from my lovely sister in law. She was beautiful and shared this soup recipe. I'm a sucker for good soups... And this was a good soup.

9. Had an art piece on display through a favorite art class in college.

I meant to make it to 10, but I can't think of anything else at the moment. It has been a busy month, which has given me lots of ideas for future posts. As soon as I get home from Christmas break, I promise you will be the first to see them. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the season, being with family, and great foods. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with warm memories and beautifully wrapped gifts.
Merry Christmas!