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Acorn Tops

Here I am again, posting early in the morning, because sometimes that seems to be the only time I can focus and get any work done. I've always loved the quiet house and ticking clocks and closed blinds and the idea that the whole day is infront of me!
While this post doesn't involve inspiration from any artists besides the use of my own wonderful mind, I do credit these early mornings for providing hours of inspiration throughout my life!
A few months ago I was passing a line of acorn trees when I noticed how strong and beautiful the acorn caps were. I ended up bringing a big bag of the little suckers home and announced to my husband that I was going to clean them and drill holes in them and paint them for some amazing project I had yet to dream up!
 Turns out, he drilled holes in them. And he cleaned them. And he dried them. And he varnished them. .. but I painted them! I guess I also watched and cheered him on. What a wonderful husband!
How can you resist the combination of nature and color? I have already fallen in love with these dainty treasures. I've found one exciting use for my babies and I'm giving one away right here!


  1. Ah-Mazing! Super cute! Hmmmm, if you cant use all of them you should do a teeny tiny giveaway...?

  2. What a cute idea! You are so creative and talented! :)

  3. Maybe a colorful wind chime type thing to hang outside or inside by a window? Can't wait to see what you turn it in to.

  4. so cute! bowls... for.... mice?

  5. what kind of paint did you use??

  6. Angela, I used acrylic paints. They are my favorite type but I usually like to tone down the colors with white craft paint.

  7. I LOOOOOVE these! I'd be happy with a mason jar full of them so I can stare at it as I work. And thanks for the heads up on the Anthropologie flowers. The fact that they are dyed naturally makes them even cooler!

    I appreciate you visiting my blog! ;)

  8. Forgive me if I posted twice but I had to come back to these and my comment is gone! Yikes I really want this ring! Can't wait for the details!

  9. Wow. These rings are amazing! This is great idea!

  10. I love your idea and I 'm featuring your blog post in my October newsletter. I hope you don't mind. I will link up to you and name you! Email me if that is a problem. Have a gorgeous day! Nathalie Kalbach

  11. Oh! I'm in love! I picked up a huge bag of them myself...and have been doing a little digging to figure out what to do with these little treasure. Thanks for some inspiration! :)

  12. These are beautiful (and I love the bird nest ring)! I mentioned (linked and credited) this project on my blog.

  13. Why did you (well, your husband) drill them? Is it necessary to clean them and varnish them?
    What kind of painting did you use?
    I love the project and I have tons of acorn caps at home. I'd love to hear from you.



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