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Find This in Your Mailbox

While playing with the acorn tops from the last post, I ended up with this pearl-and-acorn ring. It reminds me of a little bird-y nest and is woven together with thin wire.
I went a little crazy after making one and made a whole bunch... but I can't wear ten rings on my finger at once so I have them up in my shop!
I'm also giving one away so if you want to have your very own handmade ring you have to:
1. follow hellohydrangea through Google Friend Connect
2. follow hellohydrangea on facebook
3. leave a comment below!
The giveaway and on Jul 8!
Also, if you check back in the future I'll include a tutorial on how I made this adorable little guy!
AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP! With more pictures!


  1. Ooh fun! I've added you through Friend Connect (even tho I was already following you on Reader) ;)

  2. It took me a while to figure out what it was in the picture, I actually had to read it to find out! Super cute, and I'd love to win one! Thanks!

  3. Did all of the above!!! Such a cute ring :)

  4. These are simply amazing. I would so love one.


  5. Oh wow how sweet is that ring! I want one too! Can't wait for the toutorial. Thanx for the idea.

  6. I would love o have one too! Done with google and facebook:)

  7. Liked on facebook and did the Google thing. I thought of this project when I saw a pin on Pinterest that included acorn tops glued to colorful glass beads.

  8. I'm following you!:) You make the cutest stuff. I also "liked" you on facebook!I would love to have the cute ring! Can't wait to see what other creative stuff your going to post.

  9. I love your blog! You and your hubby are darling and you are so creative! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Please follow!

  10. Great post. Awesome blog.

    Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

  11. oh this is so lovely, the pop of blue is exquisite!

  12. Such a great idea and they look gorgeous too! Liked you on facebook and followed on pinterest x x x

  13. How fun to find your blog! I'm sure the giveaway has ended, but I am following now and I've 'Liked' on Facebook. Can't wait to see the tutorial!

  14. I'm following! :) What a cute ring! So excited for the tutorial.



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