Frieda & Nellie Inspired Necklace

I hope you aren't surprised to hear that we all have bad days - even me. Sometimes we are in the wrong mood so our perspective is swayed towards seeing everything as the worst, right? Anyways. My control over these kinds of days is still a work in progress. I've learned the hard way that I can take things too hard and then mope about them for too long. When my husband found my childhood diary and began reading it outloud and quoting it for weeks afterwards, I realized that not only do I need to focus on the good, but I need to document the good as well (instead of complaining about being grounded or highschool drama). When it all comes down to it, this is the season of thanksgiving and one bad day won't ruin the rest!
Now on to the real reason for this post.

If you were following Hydrangea as of five days ago, you would have seen my tutorial on how to make diamond rings. This is the rest of the story about using those in a project. I love the necklace that I ended with and so far have gotten lots of compliments when I wear it!
To start, I found a few chunky beads and modge podged some fabric onto them using glue and water. (I guess that is not modge podge then... but close enough.)
After rolling the glue-y strips of fabric around the beads, I tied both ends and trimmed the excess. Then, all I had to do was thread them onto a necklace. The little tales on both sides of the beads get hidden by the diamond rings - that was their purpose in creation!
Crimp the ends of the string and attach a chain to get a unique necklace. This accessory looks great layered with other chain-and-bead necklaces - and I'm not a big jewelry girl! 
UPDATE: A few hours after writing this post, my bad day turned into a wonderful day! All the things I had been worried about were fixed and I was reminded of even more that I am thankful for. Glad I got to finish this story with a happy ending!

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