Inspired by Frieda and Nellie

The first time I saw combinations of sparkle, neon and textile, I fell head over heals. You can count on this group showing up again and again on Hydrangea! The last post I did with this idea in mind was inspired by Doloris Petunia. She is another jewelry designer who understands the majesty of modern meets elegance - you can check out that post here
This time I went with the original crazies who mixed string and jewels: Frieda and Nellie. This inspiration piece will be a 2-part tutorial, so check back on the 15th for the second post!
Rhinestone chains can be found cheaply at any craft store. I grabbed a few at my last trip to Michaels and cut them into 8 rhinestone segments. After choosing your color of embroidery thread, begin wrapping it around the spaces between each diamond.  
Connect the two ends while wrapping and make a knot at the end so that the chain turns into a rhinestone ring. 
I know this is a super simple tutorial - check back to see how I used these little beauties! On another note, today started with thunder and rain, turned into hail, and now it's snowing! I am totally staying inside and working today to drink hot chocolate and watch Rachael Ray. 
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