Inspired by E E Cummings

I mentioned in an older catch-up post that I recently had some artwork displayed. The theme for this exhibit was ‘pockets’. This held a special meaning to me because I interpreted the topic as memories and skills that we carry with us and eventually pass on. 
When I was eleven years old, my grandfather passed away and I hated the idea of my grandma being alone in her house. So for a while I would ride my back to her home and she would patiently teach my stubborn fingers how to crochet. I know that everything about who I am has been inspired by some act of kindness from a mentor in my life. My mother taught me to love art museums and my father taught me to work hard. In an attempt to convey this idea, I turned my favorite poem into a piece of work that showcases a few skills I have been given from someone in my life.

The scene is from e. E. Cummings famous poemI carry your heart

"Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
Higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart:
I carry your heart
(I carry it in my heart)"

Please read this timeless sonnet - I promise it will provide some inspiration for whatever you need! 


Brown, Grey, Red, Gold

Today is a day full of epiphanies! This means a sketchbook full of notes and quick drawings. It also means I can't wait for the school day to be over so I can explore these ideas. Before I promise to focus in my statistics class, I wanted to share a collection of inspiring photos in another four-color post. One quick thought and then I’ll get out my graph paper - can someone teach me how to crochet around a rock?? I never knew it was something I wanted to do, but I want to now!



Inspired by Edward Ruscha

Edward Rucha is a type artist from California who was born in the late thirties. His famous pieces are painted even though they look like graphics. I'm amazed that his random sayings and beautiful backgrounds go so well together.
The sites, and are two of my favorite places for inspiration when it comes to over-the-top type. These sites demand that the font be the focus of the message. Like a good design student, I decided to give this theory a try and make a type print.

Although this was my first try, the beginning step in making a type poster is to find a saying or quote that you like. I guess some artists may start with the font or context first, but for starters, I focused on the words. As an advertising student, the 'message' is the most important part to any design.
Once I chose my saying, I began sketching the layout so that my words would fit nicely together. This also allowed me to think about what I wanted the most important words to be. When I was done with this, I began choosing my fonts and sizing the typography. This is certainly a simpler version of the posters on, but I feel like it matches my style.


Felt Earrings

Another week has almost ended! Tomorrow may be Friday, but it feels like there are so many things to get done before now and then. I can't celebrate yet! I woke up early today to bake bread. I wish it was just for fun, but it's for a class presentation - so it has to taste good. I need to do a little 'good-grade-through-food' moment tomorrow...
can celebrate the finish of these super easy earrings, though. If you want to see the entire tutorial, go visit Jessa's blog, where I guest posted this morning. 
I have a project on its way that makes me super excited just thinking about it!


Some Yummy Food, and Yummy News

When it is cold outside, all I want to eat is soup. It can be corn chowder, clam chowder, tomato basil, potato, minestrone or even egg drop. I could literally live off of soups for lunch and dinner. However, now that I’m married, I have to start thinking of the other person who eats dinner with me… and soup isn’t enough. Neither are salads. How sad.
The other day I found a recipe that uses all of my husband’s favorite ingredients. I’ve only tried it on myself, and I would have to make two or three for him, but this sandwich is delicious! And super easy for a busy girl like me.

Once you have all of the necessities, toast the bread… melt the cheese… pile on the ingredients…tah dah! I doubt anyone needs a step-by-step tutorial!

Last night my husband and I received a gift from the mailman. If you’ve ever wondered what a twenty-year-old kid looks like, ask my husband. I stood by the window, waiting for the package from nine am in the morning! Every time I heard a large vehicle drive by, I ran to the open blinds, hoping it was the brown ups truck.  
After my husband and I got home from work and school he admitted that the mailman usually doesn’t come until about six or seven, and that he would get a text when it was delivered anyway! I think he led me on, just to watch me act like a two year old. Our well-earned camera finally arrived around eight, and we wasted no time putting it together. I may be the designer, but my husband was a happy camper – and he’s got the makings of a great photographer!
All of that excitement made us hungry, so we indulged in a guilty pleasure and watched the food network. I guess we will begin and end this post with a picture of food, because here is our first picture with our new gadget:


Inspired by Anthropologie

I'm sure we all have dreams of 3-day weekends. Why does that extra day sound so exciting? I am thankful that it provides me with an extra day to spend together with my husband away from school, but if it also offers more time to procrastinate. I hope others get their plans out of the way so that tomorrow can be spent on some serious relaxing.

Anthropologie is a store like no other. On top of their clothing, furniture and jewelry, they offer an atmosphere that fuels inspiration. Anytime I am in an area near an Anthropologie chain, I have to go inside and refill my creativity tank. My grandmother is usually my partner on these excursion because she understands how to turn their products into my own little projects by saying, "you can make that. All you have to do is..." on one of our visits, we found this embroidered sweater. My grandmother promptly took me to find a gray cardigan and a book on embroidery stitches

After some quick sketching and our usual food-channel marathon, we had a beautiful version of a universal cardigan. It was inspired by one of my favorite stores and made with one of my favorite people!


The first giveaway has finally ended! It may have lasted longer than expected, but now this ceramic ring nest has a new home. Fly away little birds!
Even though it is Friday, I feel motivated to get a head start on all of my homework. Why can't this feeling come earlier in the week? This is one of the days that I feel very thankful to have a chance to receive an education, and inspired to do my best. 
A few days ago I heard some great advice about the importance of having a mentor in your life at all times. There are so many people who are good examples for me. I have a mental list in my mind of characteristics I want to pool together from some of these great people, and perhaps someday I will learn how to achieve this goal. This week I received a few golden tickets about tips for blogging - they have helped me so much as I continue sharing my favorite inspirations. Finding time to complete projects can be difficult when I have to balance other responsibilities. Even though I hate to admit it, this made me a little bit frustrated during the last few days. However, I feel like I am learning how to scale my priorities so that all of my goals can be met - and that is one of the best feelings in the world. Wish me luck as I continue to understand how to be a motivated blogger who reflects who she is and what makes her happy. 
Have a great three-day weekend and look for a new 'inspired' post coming soon!


Inspired by Poketo

Today I walked to school looking like a polar bear, and feeling like an icicle. It is so cold! If I had a fireplace I would make some hot chocolate and never leave our apartment. Only the thought of my lovely followers and their comments kept me warm today! Thank you, everyone!
Lately I’ve noticed the new trend in 'frame wallets'. I've been dying to find my own version because they are perfect - flat, organized and durable, with an endless possibility of designs. At least, that's what I thought. I bought this blue wallet for only $3, expecting to have a multitude of ideas to design around it. 
My inspiration came from two places: the first is Poketo. Poketo is a company that takes art from the galleries and into everyday lives by displaying artist's work on handbags, apparel and wallets. Even though the title sounds like the spanish version of 'a little bit', the name originated from a mispronunciation of pocket. Look at these beautiful wallets!

This website has so many beautiful wallets, as well as beautiful prints in general. 
The second place I found inspiration was a textile artist called Tula Pink. The scallop/fish scale pattern has always been a favorite of mine.

With these two inspirations in mind, I got to work on my multimedia wallet. I have to admit that between work, school and homework it took me a while to finish this little thing. However, if I had a step-by-step tutorial like some people do, it would take no time at all!

 1. The first step was to design my pattern. I keep a sketchbook for those possible moments of inspiration that come during statistic class. (You can't fight when the epiphanies happen!) After designing it, I created a vector pattern to share with all of you. You can download it here! P.s. You may have to alter the pattern depending on the size of your wallet or project. I ended up cutting 1/4" off of both ends despite the meticulous measuring that I did.)
2. If you print the pattern onto card stock, it will be super easy to use as a die cut. I didn't have any, so I lay plastic on top and traced the pieces that I needed for the pattern.
3. Then I cut them out.

4. Once deciding on the fabric types to use, I traced the die-cuts on the back and cut them out.
5. This step is purely optional - I thought it would be easy to pin the fabric pieces into place, but that was a lie with the thick leather, so instead I put a teeny amount of hot glue in the center and pressed them into place until I could add a more permanent technique.
6. It might seem impossible to sew on a ready-made wallet, but I am here to testify that it can be done. The flap that holds bills opens wide enough to allow a needle to puncture almost every area needed. This part took the most time because I had to guess where the needle would come out, but it turned out easier than I thought.
I know. The inside looks like a mess. In retrospect, I might add a panel of complementing fabric on the inside where the stitching is. But I don't really mind - it's proof that I made it with these two hands!


Inspired by Eloise Corr Danch

Before I begin this post, I want to thank one of my favorite bloggers, the sweet Disney over at ruffles and stuff for her post! It is the nicest present ever and you have to check it out. What an honor. Also, hello hydrangea is now #7 on bloglovin's up-and-coming craft blog list! I am so glad to have my followers - and if you are new, then welcome! I am so glad you joined us.

Last year I began a half-hearted blog for similar reasons that I started hellohydrangea. I can't stop making things and I am inspired by so many artists, that I had to share my projects! Today's post is actually a repost of one of my favorite projects from the old blog. I may have created this tutorial a while ago, but I hadn't found my inspiration until recently. 
P.s. Sometime's inspiration turns up a little late - it's not cheating.

Eloise Corr Danch is an amazing paper artist. She has designed installations for numerous companies, included Macys in the picture above. Her website is full of jaw-dropping talent. Her art pieces consist of huge displays of stars or flowers made from a collage of paper. For this particular piece, she crafted 2,500 flower sculptures. By hand! Although her art puts mine to shame, I am too inspired not to share something.

I found some beautiful wallflowers on websites like and The only catch is... The price. So... I whipped up some old magazines, Elmer’s glue, buttons and friends, and we went to work. We ended up covering a nice pattern along our living room wall as well as onto the ceiling! It pales in comparison to the great paper sculptor, Eloise, but it got a compliment every time we had cleaning checks.

2. Glue the printer paper to the backside of the pattern on the magazine page that you want to use. Remember: backside. 
3. Cut around the two papers, which are glued together. Side note: I found Elmer’s glue to be the best. Although it is runny and sticky, it soaks the paper at first and then allows for easy manipulating. Also, when it dries it becomes pretty stiff and holds it's shape.
4. Bend the petals in any direction you choose. 
5. Glue a button in the middle.

It's easiness. Stick it on your wall, fridge, television... Whatever you feel like. These are also great to make for decorating dorm rooms or temporary apartments because it only takes a bit of sticky putty to put them in their place.