Find This in Your Mailbox

While playing with the acorn tops from the last post, I ended up with this pearl-and-acorn ring. It reminds me of a little bird-y nest and is woven together with thin wire.
I went a little crazy after making one and made a whole bunch... but I can't wear ten rings on my finger at once so I have them up in my shop!
I'm also giving one away so if you want to have your very own handmade ring you have to:
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The giveaway and on Jul 8!
Also, if you check back in the future I'll include a tutorial on how I made this adorable little guy!
AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP! With more pictures!


Acorn Tops

Here I am again, posting early in the morning, because sometimes that seems to be the only time I can focus and get any work done. I've always loved the quiet house and ticking clocks and closed blinds and the idea that the whole day is infront of me!
While this post doesn't involve inspiration from any artists besides the use of my own wonderful mind, I do credit these early mornings for providing hours of inspiration throughout my life!
A few months ago I was passing a line of acorn trees when I noticed how strong and beautiful the acorn caps were. I ended up bringing a big bag of the little suckers home and announced to my husband that I was going to clean them and drill holes in them and paint them for some amazing project I had yet to dream up!
 Turns out, he drilled holes in them. And he cleaned them. And he dried them. And he varnished them. .. but I painted them! I guess I also watched and cheered him on. What a wonderful husband!
How can you resist the combination of nature and color? I have already fallen in love with these dainty treasures. I've found one exciting use for my babies and I'm giving one away right here!


Dyeing for Anthropologie

I'm so excited to see the finished product with some of the projects I've been working on lately for my internship at anthro! I don't want to give all of our secrets away, but I have learned alot about a very exciting subject.
Natural dyeing is so amazing! It makes me appreciate my husband's love for chemicals and their reactions. The visual display team got together and spent a few days cutting and dyeing for our upcoming window and we learned a few tricks of our own. 
After experimenting and working with purely natural dyes this week, it makes me want to run around and dye everything I can get my hands on. It feels just like the first time I got my own hot glue gun...
 I have researched alot about using natural dyes this week and many of them include a strainer or a cheese cloth. Who needs those!? All you have to do is rip the cabbage up and simmer it in a pan of water. When the leaves turn a light pink and look like they have lost all of their color, you can take them out and start using the dye bath.
 The interesting thing with natural dyeing is the colors that can happen by adding or changing one ingredient. For example, with red cabbage, the dye will be a grayish-purple on its own, but when you add a little bit of salt or vinegar it will turn a bright pink or a light blue!

 See that tower of flat egg cartons? We cut all of them. By hand. After a while I had to staple cloth to my scissors and wear band aids to stop the blisters from cutting all day! Then we dyed each one and layed them out to dry. So far the count is more than 3,000!
 I can't wait to put together the final design! I bet you can't wait to see it either...


Pretty Blessed

Days like this remind me why I ride the roller coaster of life.
I have new sunglasses which make me look super cool. I spent the day working with my hands and making beautiful things. I have an amazing husband who came home and told me that my ceramics t-shirt and ponytail look awesome. I drove into the heart of downtown Houston during rush hour without getting on the dreaded freeway and made it on time. I remembered to send our Father's day cards before the mailman came. Plus, I had a little black poodle to keep me company throughout work.
Life doesn't get much better than this.
p.s. Hope you enjoy these shots of the gorgeous San Antonio riverwalk and think about the little things that bless your day.


Alright, time to fess up.
I've been neglecting my blog family and I hope you'll forgive me.
I think I've mentioned before that I'm not good with change and this negligence is a witness of that. It's hard to realize that in less than a year my husband and I will be done with college and welcomed into the real world. We have been so blessed so far and I know everything will turn out alright, but it's hard to realize how big our decisions are becoming in relation to the rest of our life. Where will we end up? Which job will we pursue? What kind of dog will we get? (The last question has been a big concern these past few days. Jack Russell, Yorky or Beagle? Atleast we have more time to think about this life altering decision...)
Anyways. I hate these repenting posts and I promise I will be diligent in updating once again! Sometimes the motivation I need to stick with a project comes with new surroundings or finding a new inspiring blog to follow. All of these have made me reevaluate my goals with blogging. I would love to transition from purely crafts to a bit more of a personal focus. Don't worry though - there are some great art projects on their way!
Well, if you are still reading I'm very impressed and touched. Here's a little update on our life! As you know, we are taking a break from BYU for the summer to live in Texas for our internship experiences. My husband is a sharp crayon who loves his chemical engineering major. His long nights of studying are paying off through his long days interning with an oil company. He loves the work so far! I'm having so much fun with my 'merchandising and visual display' internship at Anthropologie. I get to do some of my favorite things all day long; get dirty, work with art supplies and make things beautiful. Who knows? Texas might be our final destination.
The picture at the beginning of this post is from this morning. What a great view to wake up to! We are in San Antonio celebrating our first year anniversary while Spencer goes out on the field for a few days. I can't wait to head down to the Riverwalk and explore the gorgeous architecture!
Check back soon. I have some exciting news and a giveaway!
I know, I haven't done one of those for a while...