Visiting the Farm

Growing up on an apple orchard, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace in the country. Overgrown fences and gravel roads are my personal symbol for freedom. Before our senior year started, my husband's family met us in this little town (with the blinking lights) & we visited the family farm. It was exactly what I needed!
If you've never seen beautiful fields of weeds and happy cows, I suggest you make your next visit to the nearest country road. The clean air and absence of monetary worries will get you ready to face anything in your future. I was so glad when we stopped for a visit because it helped me remember how capable we are to finish this last year of college strong and confident! 
Although I was never a big fan of milking giant udders, I had to show my skills with this lovely lady!

On a related topic. Yes, I am still here. Lately my time has been spent traveling back from Texas to BYU, spring (summer) cleaning our apartment for our last year in college and spending as much time as possible with family! I have some exciting projects just waiting to be posted though, so don't think I forgot about you!


Moroccan Kilim Boots

Indian princess meets rodeo queen.
I don't remember when I first saw the fashion wonders that are Moroccan Kilim Boots, but I knew then and there that I needed some.

I have had an interest in the country of Morocco when I first started researching weaving techniques and ran across the texture guided culture. Since then, I have been pining over everything Morocco has to offer. I even went as far as to try and convince Spencer that we should plan a vacation to Marrakech to experience the culture at the center of it's glory. He declined. That hasn't stopped me from searching for my own little pieces of the country though!

The part that makes these boots so special is the tapestry-like patterns that are inserted in the trunk of the shoe. This part is called 'Kilim' and is made from flat woven rugs that are found in Morocco and nearby countries. Because no two rugs are the same, original boots are unique in their own pairs.
Although the original boots come and go quickly due to this unique aspect, I've scoured the internet to find a few distributers. Cobra Society, Moroccon Soul, Howsty, Kiboots and Bohemia Design are a few places to check online before deciding to drastically travel to Morocco in order to get your own pair.

I don't know the entire history of Kilim Boots, but I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to wear these beauties. Then again, my husband might be one of those on the other side of the fence. Let's prove him wrong and start displaying our Moroccan pride!

On my latest shopping trip I kept my eye peeled and found a pair! Wouldn't you believe it, I snatched those babies up without any hesitation from a company called Wanted and they will not leave my feet for once fall starts. I'm serious.


Coldplay Concert

Earlier this month we saw one of our favorite bands in concert. Since I met my husband I have gone to more concerts than the past twenty years of my life. The first time we hung out and talked was actually at a Fun concert. They have become some of our favorite memories together and this was no exception.

This concert was incredibly loud and fun and so colorful! During the performance giant guns shot confetti over the entire stage and oversized motorized neon balloons hovered over the crowd. For the first hour we actually stuck toilet paper in our ears because the music was aimed right at us. 
One of my favorite things were the wristbands that everyone in the audience was given. They lit up with the beat of the song and made the entire amphitheater pulsate along with the music. When they finally played my favorite song, Yellow, I almost cried because it was so good!


Our Friend: the Singing Dachsund

Do you remember our favorite little visitor from this post? Well, he's back, and with a haircut! We got to puppysit again for a few days and took every advantage to start a family sing-along. Here is my husband with Barkley (yes, named after the basketball player) as they show off 36 seconds worth of their vocal cords.
Be warned - there is definitely howling involved so don't start the video in a quiet place such as a library or a sleeping baby's nursery...
If you think this version is good, you should hear their version of Paradise by Coldplay!


Inspired by Fenton & Fallon

When the Fashion Fund began earlier this year, I couldn't help but root for my favorite designer. Although the apparel designers did an amazing job, my heart was caught by a few of the jewelry designers because their talents are one of my favorite hobbies. Dana Lorenz was especially one of my favorites. I loved her bold use of texture and color. Every one of her pieces inspired me! Since the Fashion Fund has come to an end, Dana is focused on her latest line called Fenton & Fallon. They are two separate ideas that coexist in one collection. 
In particular, her tassel choker caught my eye. It gave me an idea for the fringe tassel that I recently made and incorporated other materials as well. Although I love Dana's work in the necklace, I couldn't see myself wearing a Bali Hai piece around my neck, so I followed the moves of Mikkat and decided to create a bag!
If you remember the tutorial I shared last week about how to make and dye your own fringe tassel, this should ring a bell. The teal ombre and rhinestones transformed the fringe into a beautiful addition to anything I held it up to but as a purse I could show it off.
For this project you need some stiff felt, leather, two chains and your fringe along with tools like scissors, ruler and pen.
The first step is making the pocket bag. Its extremely easy once you measure and cut the stiff felt to fold around itself and make the pocket. Just sew down each side and attach the leather as a nice backdrop for the fringe.
The next step is to attach the chains to the fringe and the measure and cut them to the desired length that you want them to hang. Then sew them on. (See below.)

Once you attach a button to open and close the little purse you can add more chains to each side so that it will hang from your shoulders. Or you can use it as a clutch to carry your concert ticket and show off your beautiful fringe skills.
Bytheway - that red dress? Its from Anthropologie and its amazing! It is one of my favorite souvenirs from this summer!