Paper Floral Chandelier

If you visit my Pinterest, you'll notice that lately I have been filling up my Handmade Floral board. I have become obsessed with all types of foliage made from crepe and paper. Not only do these projects add a touch of handmade to our home, but the flowers last forever! 
My last post was a template and tutorial to create the leafy garland that hangs horizontally from the top of this chandelier. If you want to take the next step and add some tendrils, follow this easy project!
First, print out 2 copies of the Paper Flower Template on colored paper. Cut each shape out, fold and glue into a flower. Using thread and needle, string 8-14 flowers on each thread. Use hot glue or knots to keep each shape at a slight distance of eachother.
After stringing 8-10 tendrils, tie the ends around the paper garland. Use additional string on four sides of the garland to hang the chandelier.


  1. Love this project...but trying to print the template thru the link...maybe i am overlooking something, I see the template but no icon to print.

  2. Hey Markers + Thread! If you are having trouble downloading the document simply open it in ISSUU, click on Share and then Download. From there you can print it out! I agree - there should be a simple icon to print!

  3. Ok, got it! Thanks so much! If I have any nice results I will pop back to share them with you! Thanks Lindsey.

  4. Hi from Haberdashery Fun. Thanks for stopping by over at my blog. Love your feature on Craftgawker! It's beautiful and the pictures are really great. I will post the DIY steps for the bag next week.

  5. This chandelier is absolutely perfect and beautiful! :)
    Already pinned! :)