Paper Wreath Garland

 I think we all have a little bohemian in us. I definitely do because I always end up carrying home a handful of sticks after a hike, camping or bike ride.
The first time I tried to throw a stack of branches into the back of our little Honda Element didn't go over too well with my husband. You would have thought that I had picked up a wasp nest from the way he complained about the dirt and bugs.
Believe me, I knew better than to wash that first pile in the kitchen sink! Now he picks through dead trees with me like a pro to find the perfect pieces of wood.

First, download and print out 2 copies of the leaf template onto your green paper so that you can quickly cut out your foliage. Then, twist your sticks in a circular shape and secure with thin wire or string. The shape doesn't have to be perfect - mistakes always add personality!
 Begin creating your garlands by twisting floral tape down the length of the floral wire, wrapping the end of the leaves in here and there. You should end up with four long, leafy wire branches.
 Twist your leaves around the circle-shaped sticks. This is super easy because the leaves are already attached to the wire!
You can hang this sweet garland on your door or wall. But... if you want another idea, check back for my next post. I am going to take this leafy wreath and turn it into something even MORE AMAZING with another printable template!

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