Pretty Patterns: Decorate Your Macbook

I know I'm kindof late to the washi-tape craze. I love all of the projects I've seen since washi-tape became a thing, but I never had the urge to buy any for myself. I finally bought a few roles for a major project I have in mind. Now I want to stick it on everything! My favorite washi addition so far has been on my trusty macbook. A little tape goes a long way to make my computer special - and it is so easy to change the look whenever I get tired of the  pattern.
 First, lay strips of tape over the apple so that the whole thing is covered and you are happy with your design. I used chevrons for this technique and alternated the way they lined up so that they made a fun geometric pattern.

 Next, grab an exacto knife and carefully score the tape along the shape of the apple, one strip at a time. The washi cute very easily so you dont want to push too hard and damage your computer.
Honestly, I don't know if it's possible to cute or dent macbooks - mine is so durable and I'm pretty clumsy sometimes!
The washi-tape loves sticking to the soft plastic of the apple icon and before you know it, you're macbook will look great!

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  1. What an awesome DIY(: I am pinning this and trying it! You've got a lovely blog:) Following you!