Geometric String Lights

I am definitely a morning person... when I decide to get up. If you are unfortunate enough to find me awake past 10pm I am cranky and quiet. There was only one time in my entire life that I pulled an all-nighter. 
I was 12 years old, spending the night with my best friend, her little sisters and two other girls. They thought it would be fun to stay up all night doing girls stuff. Even though I whined and protested, we ended up watching movies, dipping ritz and croutons in bowls of ranch (I still get stomach aches thinking about it) and doing eachother's hair. As soon as the sun came up, we celebrated our teenage accomplishment and quickly fell asleep. 
Next time I pull an all-nighter (never) I plan on making some light covers like this to pass the time and turn them on in the darkness. 
 This project was featured on Buzzfeed last month, which is such an honor because I spend way too much time on that website!

 Step 1: Print out the template on your colored paper. Cut it out, fold along the dotted lines, then glue the shape together.
Step 2: Fold a 10-inch piece of streamer in quarters and fringe it. After unfolding the fringed streamer, trim off segments and glue them to the hexahedron, starting at the the bottom and working up. Trim the ends.

 Step 3: Cut a hole half an inch from the top point of the shape. Then just slip a shape on each light.
And you're done!


  1. So cute & creative!
    Love the new blog look :) you always make it work.

  2. Love this project, but I can't figure out how to print it using ISSUU. Disappointing.

  3. To print out the template you need to choose the 'share' option at the bottom of the document and then download. From there you can print!