Felt Grass Desk Decor

As you know, we have moved every spring and fall between Utah and Texas for the last two years. This means we are in Texas during its hottest season and Utah during its coldest season and we feel a little silly being the very opposite of snowbirds like my grandparents. Whatever plants we baby into growing during our humid Texas summers has absolutely no chance of surviving the move back to the mountains.
Fake plants are the way to go! This cute little fake grass container adds the perfect touch of green to any desk and can be modified to fit your own style.
  • Green Felt
  • Scissors
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire
  • Beans, Rice or Sand
  • Glass Jar
Start by cutting strips of pointed green felt, 2" long each. Also cut the florists wire into 2" long pieces.
Hold the bottom of two green felt pieces onto a strip of wire and begin wrapping the tape tightly around the wire starting from the top with the felt until you reach the bottom.
Repeat this technique until you have a garden of grass.
You can try this with almost any leaf shapes. Rounded, squared, fat, skinny, add a lot or try just one. There are so many options!
Fill your little glass jar with rice, beans or sand and stick your leaves evenly throughout. If you are feeling generous, wrap up the pieces and send them to a friend for a unique gift that they can quickly put together and enjoy!

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