DIY Leather Rings

Sometimes I like to dream about my alternate self - on a beach with great hair and long fingers. My early years as a piano student included my teacher saying 'you really need to streeeetch to get that last chord... yep, keep stretching... well, okay, I guess we'll find a different song.' My early years also included me working as an elementary school para-pro and losing hand-measuring contests with fourth graders during recess.
One thing I have realized is that small hands do not equal small fingers, so my little sausages work great at holding rings on! 
  • 3" Leather Strip
  • Ring
  • 2 Metal Jewelry Clamps
  • Pliers
First, use your pliers to clamp one end of the leather onto the ring.
Wrap the leather around the ring as far as you want. I went about 1/3 of the way.
Finally, clamp the end of the leather to the ring and trim the excess leather. Easy, right?
Make a stack of these rings with different colors or try exposing the different sides of the leather. I love these rings because they are super easy and can look edgy or elegant, depending on the day.

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