Graphic designer by day, weaver by night... and every spare moment in-between!

I'm a Washington country girl living in the big city of the Lonestar State. After graduating with my degree in Advertising and Visual Arts I moved to Houston TX to find my dream job at one of the nation's most successful high-end woman's fashion boutique called Abejas. I take care of all of our graphic design, photography, and web design, as well as email, social and direct marketing... and  I love every minute of it!
When I'm not editing or designing, I am weaving. I can't stay away from the loom! 
My love of fiber art began at a young age when my grandmother taught me to crochet. Years later I picked up my first loom and discovered my love for weaving. Each piece that I create is lovingly handmade to be as unique as the client that commissioned it. 

Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions and visit my shop for my current collection of ready-made wall candy!