Hello and Welcome!

I absolutely love creating new content that helps to enable YOU to be more creative. 

Below you will find an explanation for each of the ways in which you can learn all about fiber arts through Hello Hydrangea. 


Q: What do I need to get started weaving?

A: This blog post has a list of everything you need to start weaving like a pro! CLICK HERE


Q: Where is the location for this class?

A: This is the best part of the classes, you can watch and weave wherever you'd like! The classes are 100% online, and you will be able to weave wherever you feel comfortable!


Q: What do I get with each class?

A: Once you purchase a class, you will receive an email within minutes of your purchase. This email will have easy-to-follow instructions for how to download the classes and tutorials. Once you've downloaded the class you will have access to the book and all of the online videos and tutorials!


Q: How many times can I watch the videos and how long will I have access?

A: You will have unlimited access to the videos and can watch and re-watch them as many times as you'd like. You will even be able to pause, rewind, and jump around to different parts of the videos as you need to.

Here is a description for the different types of products I offer:

beginner class.jpg


Classes are the foundation for what I teach. I recommend that everyone who wants to learn to weave start here! I've made each class to teach 14 separate and unique techniques to help build up your tool-kit for all things weaving. These classes are designed to give you the foundation so that you can continue to explore and create through weaving. By the end, you will be able to design and create stunning works of art.

Project Classes

Projects are a step by step video guide that I've created to walk you through the techniques and steps so that you can create a stunning masterpiece. There is no prior skill or knowledge needed to complete a project class - I teach you everything you need to know! With projects, I send you all of the digital content you will need: video class, ebook, and the supply list. I love these because it allows for YOU to be creative with how you are going to complete the project. Of course you can use the recommended materials list, but I also encourage you to try different materials and put your own unique spin on it! Since everything is digital, you'll be able to view and watch the material over and over and re-create the project as many times as you'd like.



I’ve put my heart and soul into making this book! So much time and effort went into creating this visually stunning book that you’ll be proud to display. It also has so many ideas, inspiration, techniques and projects to help you on your weaving adventures.



The main tool that you absolutely need in order to start weaving is a loom. I've designed the best loom ever! This loom allows you to not only adjust the size of the loom, but the unique design also allows for you to adjust the warp tension as you weave. This is a game changer!

I also offer an option for learning how to create the most useful and efficient heddle. This greatly speeds up the weaving process and allows you to weave like a pro.

If you aren't interested in building your own loom, no worries! I've partnered with an amazing craftsman that handcrafts each of the looms and ships them directly to you. Each of these looms are a piece of art in and of themselves. You won't be disappointed.