Large Adjustable Looms

My own unique loom design.

I use a loom like this for all of my woven creations - I would be lost without it!

Measures 18" x 26" inside at the largest option.




This loom can be used as multiple looms in one. The large size allows for ample room to explore and be creative. But, when you only want to work on a small piece and don't want to waste your string, the bottom notches are adjustable up to 4"! You can decide how big or small you want your loom to be. This adjustable notch feature is also crucial to having control over your tension. Once warped, there is little you can do to adjust the tension on a regular loom. With the adjustable notches you can tighten or loosen the tension of your weave, depending on the thickness and tightness of the weft rows you are using.



This loom is easy to put together and stable once it is connected. The top and bottom notches are securely attached and made from thick polymer to last a lifetime. It is the perfect size for working on detailed tapestries, which are my favorite kind! Learn about warping this type of loom HERE.



When I first started weaving I couldn't find a loom that had all of the features that I wanted. I went to my woodworking husband and he put together a design that turned out to be my dream loom. Each loom is hand-sawn, hand-sanded and hand-drilled by us in house. (Literally!) 

“What a beautiful loom! She thought of everything when she designed this. I love love love it. Looking forward to learning how to weave some beautiful wall hangings. Her classes are awesome as well. Customer service is excellent.”
— Kellie

"This is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL LOOM! Me and the hubby just fulfilled the super easy assembly and I cannot wait to get started weaving on it! Wonderfully made, thoughtfully adjustable and simply gorgeous." - Hannah

"Beautifully made loom with very clear instructions/pictures for assembly. Packaging was very thoughtful, keeping everything protected while shipping. It arrived quickly which was a great surprise as I was very excited to put it to use." - Becky

"I love my loom! Now I just have to stop myself from wanting to weave all the time. :)" - Kelsey

"Just took my first weaving off this gorgeous loom. It is a clever, versatile and lovely design I don't mind having out on the dining room table most of the time ;)" - Sarah

"Loving my new loom! I would have appreciated more detail set up instructions but I'm a newbie so it could just be that I've never done this before. Excited to make beautiful things!" - Sapphire

" Beautiful loom and easy to set up thanks to the gorgeous instructions. I am a sucker for aesthetics and love everything about it and the packaging. The adjustability feature of this loom is what caught my attention. It allows me have different sized weavings and prevents me from wasting warp." - Martha

"Awesome loom - love the stand - perfect for standing up to weave or better posture when sitting.. Also the polymer notches seem really sturdy and durable and are super easy to warp up! Thanks so much!! xx" - Danielle

"This is such a well crafted loom and a pleasure to use! I also bought her weaving classes which are incredibly well done and inspiring!" - c3arnold