Hello Hydrangea Woven Necklaces

hello hydrangea weaving necklaces.jpg

Handwoven, wearable fiber art with vintage, globally sourced charms.

Accessories that tell a story.

I love the idea that you can bring a piece of art with you by wearing it around your neck. I began combining my two passions for fiber and jewelry while searching for unique materials to include in my Hello Hydrangea tapestries.

Each necklace is completely unique and will never be able to be recreated. The foundation for each necklace is woven from my personal collection of favorite yarns; including hand-dyed wool and cotton remnants that I don't have enough of to use in a larger tapestry. Once the base is handwoven and expertly finished, I carefully select a combination of luxe vintage beads, gems, charms and sequins that I diligently source from around the world. 

Necklaces include agates and druzies, Native American buffalo bone, Greek ceramics, vintage Venetian glass, Turkmen metals, Moroccan sequins, Ethiopian telsum, Egyptian assuit, Kuchi banjaran pendants, African trade beads, Turkoman buttons, 1920's flapper trim,  and Czech copper, among others. Each is backed with leather cowhide for durability and tied on a soft suede lace.

The result is a modern, yet raw, pendant... ready to be hung or worn.