Double Doggy

Disclaimer: the dog-models used in these photos were carefully shot during the rare still moments in their natural habitat. No action photos were included because otherwise this post would be full of blurry doggy tails.
Yes. We are those people. 
Twenty-somethings with no kids and two dogs. 
Feel free to take all of the stereotypes that come to mind, and apply them to us. We love our dogs. We talk to our dogs in high-pitched voices. We go home early from parties because 'the dogs have been alone too long'. (Atleast, that's our excuse.) We plan our activities and vacations around whether the dogs can come, and whether the hotels are dog-friendly.
I have been told that someday our focus will change, and I'm okay with that. But for right now I'm going to go grab that furry-faced, four-legged, wet-nosed bundle of love and force him to cuddle while I watch Project Runway.


Crescent Draped-Inspired Wall Hanging

via Decorative Bedroom
Bear with me because this design is a little out there
I had some crazy inspiration from the photo above (seriously... my future bedroom, please) and decided to incorporate some draped string into my next weave. I had no idea if the picture in my mind would look good, or if I would regret my decision, but I actually love the way it turned out.
The thing I love about handmade pieces is that you can tell they weren't put through a factory line. The messy, imperfect touches make each piece feel special and unique. I have only created two identical weaves before and that was because a client asked for it specifically. Otherwise, I am like a design tornado - my looks might be a all over the page, but if I don't try a new technique with each weave I would probably go a little crazy.
Little miss draped is currently hanging in my living room (I like to give each wall hanging its special time in my home before it meets its new owner) but if you want this little lady (she looks like a lady, right?) for yourself, she is currently available in my shop


Jewelry DIY: Leather-Wrapped Quartz Necklace

Before I began weaving or picked up graphic design I have always been drawn to jewelry-making. Friendship bracelets were my specialty - I even taught my entire 8th grade class how to knot bracelets for a fund raising event (boys included). I have been so busy lately that I've forgotten how much I love creating wearable pieces, but working in a fashion boutique surrounded by beautiful jewelry has reminded me how much accessories showcase your true style. Most of the tutorials I share are impossible to recreate exactly but that is what I love! I like to share a skill while leaving enough room to incorporate your own style.
1. Cut 3 foot long pieces of deer lace and braid them together. Crimp one end and use wire to tie off the other end, leaving some extra wire to attach the quartz piece.
2. Wrap the wire through the quartz and around the crimped end of the braid. Then use another piece of deer lace to hide the two ends of the braid, and decorate the top of the quartz. Tie them off.
3. Cut the braid in half so that there is an even amount of braid extending from either side of the quartz. Wrap wire around both of these ends to secure them and leave a loop at the top to attach onto a chain.
4. Attach the chain onto the ends of the two braids. Optional: use string to wrap around the exposed wire at the top of each braid.