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Paper Juliet Rose

I guess you could say this tutorial is still a work in progress. I'm sure you will see an updated version later, but for now I just can't wait to spread some lovely, floral cheer! 
I recently found myself searching high and low for a paper Juliet Rose how-to with absolutely no luck. These flowers are understated and gorgeous (see below) but they are also a little pricey and hard to find. After my failed searching attempts I decided to figure out how to make one myself and although I know I'm getting close I'm still working at it!
  • Materials
    • 3-5 2" Petals
    • 4 4x1" Crepe Strips
    • 1 1.5x6" Crepe Strip
    • Faux Floral Stem
    • Floral Tape
    • Thin Wire

 First, crumple the petals and then fold the ends in on themselves, as shown. Evenly accordion the small strips and loosely accordion the bottom of the large strip so that it concaves in on itself.
I know alot of paper florists use floral tape to connect all of the petals to the stem, but I prefer to use thin wire. It gives me more control and is tighter so that I can add lots and lots of layers. If you have some pliers around they can be handy at tightening the wire for the outer layers.
 Beginning with the four smaller accordioned strips, attach them to the top of the stem one at a time. Spread out the folds to fill in any gaps.
 Use the long, concave strip to hug the little accordions in one smooth petal. You can leave the flower here if you are going for a floral bud.
 Attach the large petals around the bud on at a time, overlapping them as you go. You might need to make a few adjustments after everything is attached, but that's it!

Scandinavian Painted Stool

One of the best thing about my husband's current woodworking obsession is this little treasure that he made out of scrap wood. It's the perfect stool for a shorty like me! I stumbled upon Miss Mustard Seed's furniture decor style and new I had to add an extra touch of something to my tiny stool.
 My husband stained and sealed the stool for me already so all the materials I needed to finish it was paint and a paintbrush.
 I wanted a creamy yellow color so I mixed a bit of cream and yellow together. I also used a paintbrush instead of a foam brush as pictured below. For your own inspiration, look through my Pinterest Pattern Board. I decided to stick with a pretty basic, scandinavian inspired motif along the edges.

 After the paint had dried I sanded it down a little bit to add the worm feeling to it. I know that the more it gets used the better it will look!

Pallet Backdrop DIY

My husband and I have been knee deep in wood projects. We have literally not bought a piece of furniture since we moved - we are making it all! Our latest project was our king size bed. It is gorgeous and we had a vision to create a pallet wall on the headboard for a cool effect.
We rounded up some pallets but we had the hardest time taking them apart! We managed to get a few wooden slats off before deciding it wasn't worth our energy. The bed looks beautiful without them but I'm still glad I found a use for the few pallets we tore off.
As a craft blogger I am always looking for different backdrops to photograph on. You can only do so much with concrete! First, I lined up the pallet boards in a pattern that I liked.
I then cut two 1x2s the length of the pallet edges. I glued them and nailed them on the furthest edges of each side to keep the backdrop together.
If you want you can stain one or both of the sides. I wanted two uses out of this backdrop so I used a stain on the back and left the front natural.
After everything dried, it was done! This is an easy project anyone can do who is interested in photography. You can see the backdrop in action on my jewelry post from the beginning of the month. I finished it while my husband was at work so you know it's got to be easy!


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