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Gold Leaf Woven Necklace

I am a little embarrassed how much I wear this piece. If you've seen me in the last month, chances are I was wearing my little woven necklace at least once. No regrets! Although I love weaving on my giant loom, the process takes hours to complete a piece. If you just want a taste of weaving, this little guy is easy and only takes an hour.
Today I am sharing the full tutorial to create your own woven necklace over at the Say Yes Blog. Hop on over to see the full instructions... then once you've completed the tutorial come back to see me for the finishing touch.
Every piece of jewelry, whether it's woven or not, needs a hint of gold. To add gold to your weave simply follow these three steps 1. glue 2. gold leaf 3. hairspray. The hairspray is essential to keep the gold from flecking off while you're wearing your necklace.
Hopefully in the next few weeks you will see a slight change in the design and focus of HH. I'm working hard to find the right way to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary... can't wait!

Custom Weaving

If you follow my Instagram you've probably noticed my favorite passion, weaving. As a graphic designer by trade I spend my days in back of a camera or in front of a computer. I love coming home after work and sitting down at my loom to let my mind wonder as I play with the warp. Weaving, to me, is the perfect marriage of bold colors, sharp shapes and soft textures. It is the medium that I have been searching for my entire life. I can't stop sketching new designs!

If you want me to create you a custom piece, complete with design sketches and color matching, visit my shop! I love weaving with people in mind and I will be sure to create a conversation-starter piece for you to hang in your home.
One of my favorite things about weaving is the journey. Each weave takes me up to 10 hours to complete and a few of those hours are spent undoing what I had originally designed. The journey of weaving always begins with an idea but halfway through I always have to admit that what I imagined doesn't look as good as what I produce if I let the yarn do the talking. Little by little my weave comes alive until I've reached a stopping point and realized that I had no idea how it would end up looking.

Painting with Masking Fluid

When I'm not glued to my loom or my computer, weaving or editing, I like to  grab my paintbrushes and pretend that I learned something from the dozens of art classes I've taken. I found some masking fluid (I had no idea what it was) in the paint aisle during my last trip to the art store and had to grab it. I haven't had a chance to really try it out because I have been weaving like crazy but it is a life-saver! Where has this been my whole life?
Have you ever wondered how some artists manage to leave the tiniest lines of negative space in their paintings? Have you ever tried to recreate the look naturally by brushing extremely slowly and carefully? The slightest bump can mess up hours of work... and the finished product has an unnatural appearance. Masking fluid is the miracle answer!

The first step is to lightly draw the basic outline of your picture with a pencil. Then grab your masking fluid and copy the outlines by squeezing the fluid directly over your lines. 
The fluid comes out of a needle-shaped cap at a steady rate. Although it comes out as liquid, it dries very quickly into a rubber quality.
Wait for a few minutes until all of the masking fluid has dried and then grab your brushes and paint just like usual - right over the top of the dried masking fluid. 
(Masking fluid is also great if you stink at staying in the lines and need an invisible border for your paint!)
This is where the magic happens. Once your paint has completely dried, grab a rubber eraser and gently rub over the top of your painting.
This is my favorite part! The masking fluid clumps together and comes up easily just like the temporary adhesive on the back of brand new credit cards. All that is left behind is your beautiful painting with perfectly thin, negative lines. Everyone will be amazed at your smooth hand, but we'll both know the secret...


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