A Gloomy Day in Minneapolis


I have a lot of catching up to do as Hello Hydrangea has turned into much more than a blog... my baby boy is now 14 months old and we are spending the summer in Minneapolis while Spencer does an internship for his MBA. 

The drive here was 1600+ miles from our sunny Arizona home. We broke it up over 5 days so that Clayton would be okay in the car, and stopped in Nauvoo, Illinois for a visit with Spencer's grandma. Since we only brought one car, Clayton and I get to explore the city by walking everywhere! 

Yesterday was the perfect gloomy day. We are living next to the University of Minnesota (Spencer's not too happy that I'm repping a hat for any other school besides ASU, but hats are essential for my hair in this humidity!)  so we grabbed some snacks and spent the afternoon waiting for the storm to come.

The storm came, alright! Minneapolis rain has the biggest, fattest raindrops! Clayton does NoT like the rain or thunder, so you can see in the last photo that he is looking a little stressed.  


Its so fun now that he's walking to try and keep up. He loves being outside and watching the light rail go past. He always waves! He can hear the whistle long before I even register what he's pointing at. 


Now that he's getting more adventurous with walking (he tries to go fast and loves stepping off/over edges) he's getting his share of spills. His little knee has scuffs and scrapes - I'm sure they won't be his last!


The park was full of people and dogs and musicians and jugglers. It was a great day to be outside, by Minnesota standards... I'm not sure how I took a picture that makes it look this empty! Clayton also loves pushing things.




Scrapes on his nose too! And look at all of those teeth! Bouncing up and down on my stomach and cackling like it was the funniest thing in the world. Oh, and the drool! ALWAYS the drool. 


We were running home in the rain... but he takes his job of pushing the crossing button very seriously. We usually walk between his naps everyday from 11-2. Then, when Spencer gets home, they will go on a run, or we will all go out and walk around again! It's been over 2 weeks since we arrived and each time we take a different path... there is lots to see and do and we are having a great time!

Starting Solids = Sink Baths

Clayton at 5 months. This post is a little late because I forgot to schedule my post but I can't forget about his first bites of solids! He grabs everything in sight and loves holding spoons. Sink baths after a very eventful lunch are his third favorite time of the day, just after actual bath-time and the first time he sees the dogs in the morning. Squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and pears are the most popular choices for lunch!

Welcome to Weaving: Learn How to Weave Online Class

I am so excited to finally announce the launch of my complete video course, Welcome to Weaving: Tips and Tricks to Weaving on a Frame Loom from Start to Finish!


When I began weaving there was no one to teach me. I cringe thinking of the first wall hangings that I created, which either fell apart or were so messy that they wouldn't hang straight! Most of my techniques were self-taught with trial and error until eventually I felt comfortable with my methods.

I always wished that there was a video course for this beautiful craft that I could have followed when I first began my weaving journey. I didn't know my 'warp' from my 'weft' and I thought 'heddle' was a type of Swedish snow sled.

So... after years of questions from my followers I have put together a complete online video course! It includes a 40 page introduction booklet as well as 13 private video lessons where you can weave along with me to finish your first 'sampler weave'. It's up close and personal, and is sure to teach you something new!

I'm so excited! This project has been under wraps for quite a while. Yes, I hate listening to myself - but I know that it will answer many of the questions that I am asked, over and over, from beginner weavers.

Even if you can't make it to a workshop with a weaving master or don't have any fellow weavers in your local area you can still learn all of the skills you need to know. Welcome to Weaving!

Purchase the course HERE and start immediately.

In this course I answer the following questions, among others.


Why should I weave upside down?

How do I make shapes, like curves?

How do I attach the tapestry to a bar?

What is the best type of yarn to use for my warp... what about my weft?

Where can I purchase warp string and needles?

How do I keep the sides of my weave straight instead of curving in?

How do I finish a weave so that it doesn't fall apart after cutting it off the loom?

What is the secret method to keeping a clean back for minimal finishing work?

What are the basic stitches I need to know?

How do I set up my loom with a high density warp?