Weaving How To: Keep Your Sides Straight

How to Weave Straight Edges Like a Pro

Hi friends!

I often get students who are frustrated by this, and even though I cover it in my beginning weaving video class, I decided to publish a public tutorial as well. Do you have issues keeping your weaving sides straight? Do you find that the sides of your weavings keep pulling in?

I get these questions from fellow weavers all the time and I have found that everyone, no matter what your skill level, struggles with this problem from time to time. I have found that when most people start out weaving, they pull the weft thread through too tight than previous rows. Doing this tends to pull on the warp threads on the ends of your weavings and pulls your rows which makes your sides not straight.  I have been weaving for awhile, but I still have to stay conscious about how much tension I have when I weave.

weaving keep edges straight

Below is an example of what your weaving would look like when you weave too tight and example of how your weaving edges should look.

weaving edges shrink in
Correct Image.jpg

If you follow the three steps below, you will be able to create clean, straight edges in every one of  your weavings. Repeat to yourself ‘bubble, strum and beat’ until it becomes second nature!

STEP 1. When threading the warp threads, create a slight dome shape with the yarn, making sure that your yarn stays loose.It is important to make sure the yarn is not pulled too tight.

Step 1.jpg

STEP 2. Use your finger to push down the center of the dome onto the rest of the weaving. Your yarn should look like it has “bubbles, rainbows, hills or mounds” (however you want to think of them.

Step 2.jpg

STEP 3. Pull down the other two mini domes that are left. Make sure not to pull on the end of the warp thread at all during this process. Before you beat down this row, strum the back of your fingers across the warp strings like a guitar to help the weft settle into them. Then use a fork or a weaving comb to beat down the row.

Step 3.jpg

Completing these steps with each row will give your weaving the perfect tension and stop the edges being too tight and creeping inwards.  If you would like to learn more, take a look at my weaving classes. I offer classes at all skill levels and would love to help you grow as a weaver.

Happy weaving, everyone!

Weaving Within Reach


A talented artist recently reached out to review her new book, Weaving Within Reach. Anne Weil from Flax and Twine created a beautiful book about weaving - and one of the things I love most is that most of the projects don't even require a loom! 

She gets creative with different ways to carefully weave sans loom, or with a makeshift loom to hold the warp in place. Her projects are a wonderful way to add texture to any home. One of my favorite projects is the circular trivet, as shown above. She goes through, step by step so that readers understand how to try weaving in a unique way to create beautiful, functional pieces.

unnamed (3).jpg

Thanks, Anne! You can find an autographed copy of her book in her shop, or from most online book sellers.

Reprinted from Weaving Within Reach. Copyright © 2018 by Anne Weil. Photographs copyright © 2018 by Rebecca Stumpf. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.

Hello Hydrangea + Anthropologie

My second collection for Anthropologie is now available in stores!

Last fall I designed a line of scarves for the company, based on my original tapestries. They were amazing! This year I am excited to share a complete home collection, also inspired by my original tapestry!

hello hydrangea + anthropologie

This collection was inspired by one of my favorite tapestries I created for a client in London. The client wanted something light and airy to brighten up her walls in the dreary Winter. The client loved it so much that its design inspired the three piece collection made up of an accent pillow filled with weaving embellishments, a large throw blanket embellished with soft fringe, and a lamp shade incorporating beautiful embroidery details and fringe accents, which comes in three different sizes.

All three pieces are handcrafted beautifully and are filled with such great detail and incorporate different techniques; including embroidery, knitting and weaving. They would look great together in a room as a collection  or make a bold statement individually and are great design pieces that can add warmth, color and texture to your space.

I have found that incorporating light and bright elements into a space can really liven up the room and I feel like these three pieces do so beautifully. It is so rewarding to create a design and see it inspire new creations with this collection. What I love about these pieces is that they truly encompass the light and bright feeling I was trying to invoke with the tapestry.

This collection is available now online or in stores at Anthropologie and will also be available at select Nordstrom stores at a later date. Get a piece of this beautiful collection today at a store near your or online at https://www.anthropologie.com/brands/hello-hydrangea

If you have been inspired by the unique scalloped shapes incorporated into this collection and want to know how to create them yourselves or learn other techniques, you can purchase one of my online weaving video classes at hellohydrangea.com/weaving-classes. As a special offer, I am offering 10% off classes! So come on, people let's add some texture, incorporate some color and create something special! Make sure you tag your finished pieces with #welcometoweaving.