They say 'Good Things Take Time'... weaving is one of those good things.

Handwoven Decor


Each tapestry is handmade with love using materials sourced from around the world. Wall hangings sell out within a day or two, but click below to see my favorite past work.




Each class includes an e-book and videos so that you can learn at your own pace. Join over 500 students and learn something new today. 

Beginning Online Video Class
Intermediate Weaving Online Video Class


"I've been 'playing around' with weaving, but really had no idea what I was doing:). This was exactly what I needed."

"I wish I had bought this course earlier! I'm learning so much and it's so straight forward. Will definitely be getting the follow-up course too!"

"Absolutely love these classes! Cheaper than a workshop and super informative!"

Tutorials + Everyday


See the process behind my new collections. Follow all of my free tutorials. Catch up with our life in the desert of Arizona. It's all on the blog!


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