Handmade Ultimate Bundle

The Bundle is closed. This bundle only lasted one week during early December 2017. If you would like to get my beginner class please visit my shop link above!

200+ projects

worth $1100 (97% off!)

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One week only. Ends on December 4th!

The Handmade Ultimate Bundle is HERE! This is the first time a bundle like this has been created and I'm so excited because my beginning weaving class is included.

What is it?

Imagine 50+ of your favorite craft instructors pooled their patterns, classes and ebooks together for one week only to kick off the holidays. You can learn more about weaving (ahem) macrame, dying, crocheting, knitting, embroidery... tons more. Try something completely new or sharpen the skills you have, there is a project and style for everyone to enjoy.

Click here to Learn more about the resources in the Ultimate Bundle!

Combined, our resources would cost over $1100, but for this week we've agreed on selling 200+ projects for only $29.97! THIRTY DOLLARS!

It's kindof insane... but we are on a mission to spread the word that slow crafting is making a comeback and handmade gifts are the best gifts!

If you agree, check out the bundle here >> https://us154.isrefer.com/go/HWLSB17LindseyC/a11822/

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Exclusive Bonus from ME!

If you have already purchased my beginner class, but haven’t made the decision to buy my other classes, now is the time!  Simply purchase the bundle through my affiliate links on this page, and email me a receipt of purchase for both my beginner class and the bundle, and I will send you one of my other classes for free!

Oh, and one last thing. (My favorite part... that I just decided on an hour ago) If you purchase the bundle through my affiliate link RIGHT HERE I will personally send you an extra special bonus. Simply email me a copy of your receipt for the purchase of the bundle to info@hellohydrangea.com, and you can choose either 25% off my remaining classes, or a bundle exclusive freebie!  The freebie will be a game changing way to weave faster: sewing on a heddle that will work with any loom! 

I haven't shared this technique with ANYONE before. It's kindof my secret weapon... and I'm only offering it to Ultimate Bundlers during this week!

DIFFERENT class.jpg

So... don't take my word for it. This bundle is incredible in itself. I got my own copy and already have a list of projects I'm going to start on asap. And then the bonuses and freebies? It blows my mind why you are still reading this and not checking out right now... heehee.

Handmade With Love Super Bundle
HANDMADE ultimate bundle .jpg

Hello Hydrangea + Anthropologie Fall 2017

hello hydrangea anthropologie.jpg

Guys! I've been dying to share this secret project for months! Hello Hydrangea has teamed up with Anthropologie to bring you some amazing accessories and home decor textiles. It has been such a fun project to work on. The first piece is online now, ready for preorder here. If it looks familiar, it's because it was inspired by this Hello Hydrangea tapestry!

hello hydrangea and anthropologie.jpg

Working with Anthropologie has always been a dream of mine. When they contacted me about a year ago to ask about wholesaling tapestries, I had a new baby and knew I couldn't keep up with orders. (Weaving takes a long time!) I could tell it wasn't going to be a good fit... but felt insane for turning them down. Instead, they came back with an idea to translate my designs into accessories and home decor, and I was all-aboard 100%

Each piece is inspired by a signature Hello Hydrangea design, including the one above.

Look at that baby college student! ^

Look at that baby college student! ^

Fun fact: did you know I interned with Anthropologie during college?

I had the fun job of working with the window display team. I spent my summer learning the ins and outs of the company at a retail level... woke up at 5am everyday, cut a million flowers out of egg cartons and dyed my hands red. So much fun! I never dreamed that five years later I would be designing products for the brand.


You can purchase a Hello Hydrangea + Anthropologie collaboration piece here.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning how to weave, be sure to check out my online weaving video classes where you can learn everything you need to know!

How to Hide the Tails of Chunky Yarn in Weaving

I'm continuing with my series about weaving with chunky yarn to celebrate Love Fest Fiber's launch of their first weavers pack!

Look at this delicious yarn. And those colors! I absolutely loved experimenting with it...

Chunky Weaving Yarn

Click here to shop the brand new weaver's packs from Love Fest Fibers. They have three options to choose from!

I also have a little tutorial below because I can't get enough...

"How do you hide the tails?" This question comes up every time I weave with chunky yarn. If you've joined my online waving video classes (Welcome to Weaving) you know how important it is to tuck your tails... but you can't do that with chunky yarn because they simply won't fit parallel to the warp strings. Here are two ways I get around that and keep my tapestry secure.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Tuck the end.

The first method is to tuck the chunky yarn behind the corresponding weft row on the back of the tapestry. Leave a 2-3" tail as you are weaving and then tuck it behind the warp strings on the back before trimming. This method works best with chunky yarn because the warp tension is already tighter dur to the thickness of the material and it will hold them securely in place.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Knot the end.

The second method will leave you with an obvious bump but it is also secure. Simoly tie a knot on the last warp string and trim the tail. I don't mind using this method if I will be surrounding the chunky yarn with lots of texture that will disguise the knot, With this tapestry I added stacks of thick fringe below the knot so that it wasn't as obvious.


Either method works great to secure the ends of chunky yarn. What method do you use?