Macrame Tutorial: Stocking

macrame stocking-01.jpg

I love creating holiday crafts that still use my style and fit in with my home. That’s why I created my macrame star project class - because I plan on keeping the stars around my home at all times, not just around the holidays!

I’ve gotten many questions about how to turn a knotted or woven project into a functional piece, and the idea for a macrame stocking has been on my mind for a while. Not only is it a fun project, but it looks great for the holidays!

If you want to learn about the specifics of different macrame knots and designs you can use in this project, grab my Macrame Video Class. I only used a very basic design for this tutorial, but my class has lots of different ways you can combine knots and even incorporate weaving!

  1. Gather materials. You will need rope, (I am using 5mm) 4 pieces of fabric, a display board, push pins, glue and sewing machine.

  2. Begin at the top. Place 2 pieces of fabric on a display board. Use push pins or sewing pins to anchor a piece of rope ontop of the fabric, by pushing them down through the rope, fabric and display board. They should be the width of the top of your stocking. Add atleast 8 strands of macrame rope using a larkshead knot.

  3. Knot the stocking. Use whatever knots and design you choose to knot the outline of the stocking. Include pieces of rope that extend 2-3” from the outline of the stocking into your design to help anchor the sewing later on. Use sewing pins to keep the outline of the stocking you continue to knot.

  4. Add fabric and pins. Comb out all extruding pieces of rope past the outline so that it is easier for your sewing machine to move over them, and give it more strands to sew down. Remove any push pins, add two more pieces of fabric on top so that the macrame is sandwiched in the center of four pieces of fabric and pin all layers together with sewing pins along the outline.

  5. Sew and cut. Sew the outline of your stocking, leaving the top unsewn. Then cut excess fabric 1” from the border of the sewn line.

  6. Turn inside out. Reach into the layers of fabric and turn the project inside out so that the right side of the macrame is once again facing the outside.

  7. Fold down top. Fold down the top a few times until it is level with the top of the macrame.

  8. Whip stitch top. Use a needle and yarn to whip stitch the top fold around the two pieces of fabric and the macrame to create a pocket.

for complete macrame video class