Hello Hydrangea + The Crafter's Box

** Sign Ups for this Kit have ended. But don't worry! I have lots of exciting kits in the works... sign up below to be the first to know when new kits are available!**

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Hi Friends!

I'm so excited to announce that I have partnered with The Crafter's Box to create a unique kit. The Crafter's Box is a subscription service that creates monthly craft projects with all kinds of artists. For my kit, I am teaching one of my favorite weaving techniques, called Pibione. You can see why I love it below!

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hello hydrangea the crafters box


You can only sign up for my box between August 10-20th (2018). Boxes ship the first week of September, after The Crafter's Box team tirelessly assembles them all by hand! Each box is $65... which is INSANE for the amount of high-quality materials you will receive in my kit. 

You will get

- Large loom (18x24")

- ALL the yarn (warp string,  hand-dyed indigo, hand-spun chunky merino and fringe)

- Pick up stick

- Dowel to hang

- Weaving needle

- Complete class where I show you this technique, step by step

hello hydrangea the crafters box

If you haven't signed up for The Crafter's Box yet, THIS is the perfect box to do it. If you haven't tried weaving yet, THIS is the perfect time to try. Even if you've mildly thought 'weaving kindof looks like fun...' before, THIS is the sign you need to try the beautiful craft. $65 is such a great deal. You will create a gorgeous project and in the end you have everything you need to continue weaving. You wouldn't even be able to buy the handmade core-spun yarn alone for that price!


Guess what? When you sign up (for the first time), they ask "Was there a particular artist or friend that introduced you to The Crafter's Box?". If you type in 'Hello Hydrangea', complete your purchase, and forward your receipt to me at info@hellohydrangea.com, I will send you an exclusive 20% coupon code for any of my other online weaving classes... so you can continue to learn, and love the craft! 



During checkout, tell them Hello Hydrangea sent you.


Q: When is enrollment for your box open? A: ONLY August 10 - 20th, 2018!

Q: The Crafter's Box is subscription, so I get charged $65 every month? A: Yes! Each month they have an amazing project to ship you... but, if you're not feeling it, you can pause your account until a box catches your eye again, or cancel at any time.

Q: When will I receive my box? A: First week of September!


Exclusive to subscribers of the pibione kit, we are also offering an add-on project for only $22. You use the same loom, dowel, needle and instructions as the indigo kit... but a few extra guidelines to create a more detailed project that is perfect for a table runner, tapestry or cushion front. The add-on kit is shipped along with the original kit, if you purchase them together, so you will be ready to go with two unique projects.

hello hydrangea the crafters box