10 Summer Favorites

I'm torn between sadness and happiness for the end of Friday Night Lights. We just got into the series this summer and finished all 5 seasons in under a month! I wish it wasn't over but at least they were all on Netflix by the time we found this treasure because no commercials!

As a self-proclaimed bad cook, I'm happy to wash the dishes for my honey while he makes magic happen in the kitchen. This new recipe has been a summer favorite around our house and the friends we shared it with.

What started out as a summer-internship-assignment turned into a favorite read! I find myself applying the theories to every day situations and sharing the fun anecdotes with everyone who will listen. It's an oldy but a goody if you want to learn about trends in a changing world.

Merrick is my new favorite (imaginary) girlfriend. I've been following her blog ever since it was a little site to share her amazing art skills. Now she's wowing the world with her refashion tutorials that inspired my craze this month. You go girl!

This quote. It is currently summing up my and my husband's lives right now. Sometimes we have late night talks about throwing reliable jobs out the window and living off our hobbies as we travel the world. Someday my friends, someday.

I've learned after years of DIYing that the best projects aren't forced. One afternoon I found myself with an ugly giant pickle jar and some gold leaf in my hands. The inspiration simply appeared and now I am in love with these beauties. Everyone needs one in their home!

Have. Not. Left. My. Feet. At all this summer. No joke. The heel came off so I glued it back on. The metal plate came unscrewed so I tied it on with string. They're still my go-to shoes and at under $18 I can afford to trash them.

This is my new baby. My favorite man surprised me by trying to act like he'd ordered a book in the mail. He's horrible at keeping secrets. It's taking some getting-used-to but I love the crisp focus and the soft, beautiful background it creates.

For a girl with hereditary dark under eyes, this makeup gives me hope.

The colors. The composition. I need this painting above my nomadic couch and I need it now. I love abstract artists because they just get me. Chaos and color means a happy blogger.

What have you been loving this summer? Ready for the transition to fall?

Re Design

If you're new to Hello Hydrangea then welcome! My blog has been growing so much lately and I absolutely love meeting each new reader. Since I have had some free time on my hands lately I decided to give her a little wash and polish. starting with the design and ending with a few new features!
I have been working on my coding skills like a mad man lately. I love learning new artistic techniques and web design is an important interest that I need to improve. My sister-in-law is an amazing computer science major (you should see the things she codes!) and started my whole inspiration. 
Through her encouragement and many hours spent taking online classes from here, here and here I finally compiled all of the things I wanted to see in my new site and got to work developing it. Within a day I took Hello Hydrangea from a before to a full on after and I love it!


What do you think of the new rebranding? 
 I also designed a special e-commerce site, which I am very excited about. Right now it showcases my newest jewelry collection and all-time favorite item. Soon I am hoping to add blog design services. 
Message me if you're interested for a first-come highly discounted offer! I need to add to my portfolio before I launch the service officially. So if you need a little wash and polish yourself, let me know soon!

Inspired by Cinemagraph

Three day weekends are the best, but a seven day weekend would be even better! I went skiing for the first time and feel quite accomplished. Who knew I would be an olympic-worthy snow plower in only three hours? Wonders never cease.
Too bad I have three tests to look forward to this week. It seems like lately my life's motto has been, 'a little play, alot of work.'

Have you ever heard of cinemagraph? It is a project that I have been watching and loving for some time now. It is a combination of video and pictures designed by a graphic designer and a photographer. They define it much better than I could; "A 'cinemagraph' is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time fo be experienced and preserved endlessly."

You can tell that these miniature moments are carefully thought through and designed. I tried my hand at this technique during our adventure in small town, America.
The key is to take a few pictures of one moment at the same angle and distance. Then the editing skills come in handy as you choose which small piece to focus on. If you'll notice, only one part of the photo changes - making these changes look fluid is the tricky part. There is a great tutorial on making a moveable image on this site.
I am in love with this technique and I promise that you will see more in the future!