Pallet Backdrop DIY

My husband and I have been knee deep in wood projects. We have literally not bought a piece of furniture since we moved - we are making it all! Our latest project was our king size bed. It is gorgeous and we had a vision to create a pallet wall on the headboard for a cool effect.

We rounded up some pallets but we had the hardest time taking them apart! We managed to get a few wooden slats off before deciding it wasn't worth our energy. The bed looks beautiful without them but I'm still glad I found a use for the few pallets we tore off.

As a craft blogger I am always looking for different backdrops to photograph on. You can only do so much with concrete! First, I lined up the pallet boards in a pattern that I liked.

I then cut two 1x2s the length of the pallet edges. I glued them and nailed them on the furthest edges of each side to keep the backdrop together.

If you want you can stain one or both of the sides. I wanted two uses out of this backdrop so I used a stain on the back and left the front natural.

After everything dried, it was done! This is an easy project anyone can do who is interested in photography. You can see the backdrop in action on my jewelry post from the beginning of the month. I finished it while my husband was at work so you know it's got to be easy!

An Arizona Christmas Photo Shoot

This Christmas my husband and I went the 'homemade' route for all of our presents. After realizing that the people we love most are blessed with everything they need that money can buy, we decided to give them our time instead. 
As one of the gifts for my mother and father in-law we snuck their three youngest children (all girls, ages 9 - 18yrs) away for a surprise photoshoot with my brother and sister in-law. It was great watching the two older brothers joke around with the girls, trying to get them laughing so my sister in-law and I could snap away.  
This was my very first photo shoot of a group of people so I was nervous that my idea wouldn't work. Luckily, my first was also probably my easiest - do you see how beautiful these girls are!? Not only did we surprise their parents on Christmas morning, we each made some holiday memories by working together and laughing all the way. I wish we could do it again next year!

Photography Final

I'm still alive and I have a quick finals update! Today is my last day of classes even though I have a whole week for finals after this. While I am running around putting together final presentations and portfolios I want to post a few updates as I finish each project. The first series that I am officially done with is my photography class. I loved this assignment - it was open ended and I was able to choose my own direction. I love how they turned out and even found a way to display a piece in my home. Enjoy!
Personal Statement: All that Glitters
"I grew up in a tiny town of 3000, surrounded by my family’s apple orchard farm. Summers were spent climbing trees, making fairy houses and skipping rocks. When I moved away from the simple life in the country, I began to realize that what I missed most was the absence of monetary worries.
Perhaps it was because I was a child at the time, or perhaps it was because the nearest Walmart was an hour away, but in contrast to the easier place of my childhood, now there is a need to spend money, check money and make money every moment. Sometimes I feel that my natural world has been taken over by the values men chase through silver and gold.
It is true that every item that we possess comes from the earth in one-way or another. Silver and gold is no exception. My piece explores the idea of the two riches that I have found in my life: those that glitter and those that I find on the ground. One is necessary to survive in this busy world and the other asks us to notice the details by slowing down. Can there be a balance between both elements and how do they work together?"