Star Artist: Amy Joy Watson

Hello middle of February. Today marks the fifth month anniversary of hellohydrangea! I thought today would be a great time to start something new. Sometimes I run across an artist that I absolutely love, but I am too amazed to recreate any of their pieces. I think they still deserve a spotlight on my site because there is alot of inspiration to glean.
So, here is our first 'star artist': Amy Joy Watson!
* btw - just because I didn't do an inspiration project doesn't mean you can't do one. Be sure to send me a picture or two so I can share!
 Amy grew up in Bel Aire, Australia. She received a bachelor, majoring in sculpture and painting.
Her pieces are amazing! Get this: she carefully cuts bits of balsa wood into geometric shapes and then stains each piece with watercolor. In order to create the 'crumpled' look, she hand stitches each piece together using polyester thread. These pieces both inspire me and intimidate me at the same time.
I about died when I first came across her work. I feel a connection and admiration towards this artist, mostly due to her age. She is only 23 and has done so much already! It is obvious that she knew what she wanted to do at a young age in her life and has achieved that.
You can visit the rest of her work on her website. Now show me some inspiration!

Hiding in the City

Can you see the artist in each of these crazy pictures? Liu Bolin paints himself to blend into the background of whatever he's standing infront of and takes a picture. i don't know how he does it, but it's AMAZING! In a few of these I had trouble finding him...

I love the precision he uses to maintain the spacing and depth of each item behind him - he is able to copy the typography perfectly... On his body! I can't even imagine how difficult this would be. It makes me daydream of walking through the grocery store and suddenly an 'invisible man' pops out.
It would be great to be filmed. You need to see the rest of his work here before he disappears for good.

... Now here's the question: how in the world could we create a piece inspired by this artist? I'm thinking... Complex Halloween costume? Oh well. Sometimes its good just to post some great art!