Finding the right materials to use can take so much time, effort and money, which is why I have created an exclusive supply list for you. I reveal the exact materials I use, as well as substitutes that would work well. This pattern was designed to work with a number of supplies, so your finished piece will be unique! Simply follow the links below to order your supplies.

*Non-USA Makers: I have tried to include sources for international supplies as well! These come highly recommended, although I have not ordered from them myself. If you have a source (anywhere around the world) you recommend, please let me know! If I haven't found a source in your country, try searching the internet in your country for something similar, using the keywords I mention below. 


12”x 10” piece of fabric

needle + yarn

72ft of 5mm soft cotton rope

10" triangle




One thing I love about this project, is that you can use whatever fabric you want… you only need a small amount. Woven fabric is best because it doesn’t stretch as much as knit fabric, and heavier fabric will keep it’s shape and won’t show through the back. However, feel free to experiment!

The fabric that I enjoy using most for this project is vintage textiles, such as mudcloth. You can find these on etsy in scrap bundles, leftover from home decor artist’s larger projects. Search etsy for keywords such as ‘mudcloth’, ‘mud cloth’, ‘fabric’, ‘scraps’ and ‘remnants’. Just make sure the piece you want is big enough for the project, and think about how it will compliment the color of rope you will be using.

(The images below are examples of cloths that you might find, but the selection is ever changing + you can use any other fabric you want.)

My Mercantile Shop

Boho Pillow

Morrissey Fabric


Amazon (USA)

Hitch and Arrow (UK - More Colors)

Macrame by JM (Canada - More Colors)

Niroma Studio (USA - More Colors)

Bobbiny (Poland - More Colors)

Createaholic (Sweden - More Colors)

Mary Makers (Australia - More Colors)


- I work with a talented metal artist to produce these triangles specifically for fiber purposes. Another supplier in the UK has also recently begun making metal triangles as well!


Hello Hydrangea (USA)

By Bella (UK)