Finding the right materials to use can take so much time, effort and money, which is why I have created an exclusive supply list for you. I reveal the exact materials I use, as well as substitutes that would work well. This pattern was designed to work with a number of supplies, so your finished piece will be unique! Simply follow the links below to order your supplies.

*Non-USA Makers: I have tried to include sources for international supplies as well! These come highly recommended, although I have not ordered from them myself. If you have a source (anywhere around the world) you recommend, please let me know! If I haven't found a source in your country, try searching the internet in your country for something similar, using the keywords I mention below. 


25-33 ft of 5/8" soft cotton rope

12 ft yarn (any color)

18" dowel




- In the video, I use 33 feet, but have rope to spare. You can make the project larger or smaller depending on how much you use.

- You can also use a thicker or thinner rope just as easily, (1/2" - 5/8" is similar to what I use), which will also change the size of the finished project. Play around and make it unique!

- I use a (5/8" or 15-16mm) 3 ply rope and unravel it, but you can also use a (12mm) single ply rope - just make sure you have 3 strands for each length!

Amazon (the exact rope I use in the tutorial)

Ropeshop.ca (Canada)

Amazon (USA)

Amazon (Australia)


Amazon (USA)

Mary Makers Studio (Australia)


Amazon (UK)

Knot and Rope Supply (USA)

Niroma Studio (USA)

Amazon (Canada)


- This is to create the optional, smaller half circle in the top center of the larger half circle. I use 3 ply 4-5mm rope, but you can also use a single twist rope.

Amazon (USA - the exact rope I use in the tutorial)

Amazon (Canada)

Amazon (Australia)

Amazon (UK)


- Really, ANY yarn will do. This is just to add a pop of color within the rows of macrame as well as fringe below. Here is the exact yarn I use, which should be readily available online and in your local craft store.


Lion Brand in Las Vegas Gold


You can use any dowel or material, as long as it is straight and strong. Pick one up at your local hardware store and ask them to cut it for you. The dowel can be longer or shorter, as well as thicker or thinner, depending on  your plans with this project. I am using an 18" long, 1/2" thick dowel.