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adjustable weaving loom

These looms are completely unique - the only kind on the market! My husband and I designed this loom years ago. It's the only kind I use, and I'm so excited to share a whole new way of weaving with YOU. They are so simple to use and incredibly useful once you get going. Here's how.

large adjustable weaving loom

Your loom comes with 2 plain wood side pieces, one top piece with notches, one plain wood bottom piece, two stands and the adjustable slider with notches. It also comes with all of the hardware to put together!

large adjustable weaving loom

Here is the completed loom. The notches on the top and slider bar face away from each other. 

If you want to make your loom even more adjustable (to make smaller tapestries) you can find 1/4” x 24” threaded rods at your local hardware store to replace the included carriage bolts. You will also need two extra wing nuts for the bottom. This will add a bit more bulk to the bottom of your loom.

For my personal loom, I use the short carriage bolts as default, but I keep the longer rods on hand for special projects.

Note: *Hello Hydrangea is not responsible for any additional adjustments you make to your loom.

CLICK HERE for a link to the extra long threaded rods.

Ready to assemble and warp your loom? Watch me set this loom up in the video below.

The key to warping a loom like this is to do it while the loom is laying down flat. This way the slider bar won't fall down as you pull the warp strings taut. (Which can be incredibly frustrating!)

If you haven't taken one of my weaving classes before you can purchase them HERE. My beginning weaving covers everything from setting up your loom to hanging your finished piece on the wall. It's the best way to get started FAST. Each video in this online class is password protected. 

Learn more about high density vs low density warping in my blog post HERE.

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