September Twining Tapestry | Video Instructions and Pattern

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September Twining Tapestry | Video Instructions and Pattern

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This class is a great way for makers who have a basic knowledge of weaving to learn more with new projects and techniques.

This class is part of The Monthly Weaving Series; my subscription program that sends a new tapestry project to members for $10 each month.

If you missed out you can catch up by grabbing a past class when the month is over. Click below to subscribe so that you can weave with us!

This class is all about Twining patterns. It is one of the basic weaving techniques, practiced all over the world. With a few tricks and rules to learn, you can create unlimited patterns with simple twining, and I’ll explain them as simply as possible. The class includes four patterns to practice - two simple, an intermediate, and an advanced. As always, the class includes links to materials, diagrams, and step-by-step video instructions.

Q: Is this class okay for beginners?
A: The techniques are explained for beginners to be able to keep up, but I recommend you take my beginning weaving video class for deeper knowledge of the basic techniques and terms that I don’t go into detail about.

This purchase is an instant digital download. The video is a private, password protected link, which you will find in the pdf, just below the link to the video.