Gilded Geode Necklace

My latest stop in Hobby Lobby led me down a very distracted path towards the jewelry aisle. I loved the geodes and face stone charms that they had but I didn't love the fake gold on the outside. It was super orange and cheap. I almost left without them but I had a tiny epiphany and now I love them.06

This tutorial is obnoxiously simple, so bear with me. Even if it is just as a reminder that you can turn tacky things into something pretty!


  • Cheap Gilded Geode
  • Gold Leaf
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Jewelry Chain

Here is the tutorial in two steps. 1. Brush glue on the places of the stones that are already gilded. 2. Use a brush to dab gold leaf onto the glue and let dry.

You can see the before and after on the stone above. On the left is the plastic-looking gold but I have attached new gold leaf on the right edge. I think it adds an extra touch of elegance and turns a cheap geode into one the looks specially handcrafted!