Clayton 5 Months

This boy is 5 months today. Each day it gets funner to be his mom as I watch him learn and grow. (And grow, and grow!) He started solids this week and now he thinks any type of food that we're eating should be fair game for his little grabby hands. He loves watching the dogs and being outside. He rolls and scoots across the house. He's got 2 teeth. There is constantly drool. He does this move that I like to call the 'skydiver' where he lifts his arms and legs up and balances on his belly. Go ahead and try it - talk about a workout!

We love this boy!

So, I haven't posted for a while, and my blog has never been super focused on our family. The name that I bought 6 years ago for a fun craft blog with a friend has since been transformed to my weaving business pseudonym and the blog has been almost forgotten. Since the start of my blog, our family has moved a number of times, started and ended different jobs and schools and gained 2 fluffy members , plus this bright eyed boy, I would like to see it focus more on our adventures together (with the occasional weaving tutorial here and there... because, ofcourse!)

Visiting Mattawa Part 2

I promise these are my last photos from our trip to Washington - it seems too long ago already! 

Now that I live in flat Houston, TX I've realized how much I took for granted the beautiful Northwest. I couldn't help but take too many photos of the landscape as we travelled from Seattle to the east side of the state. The difference is amazing, but both are amazing in their own way. If you want to see what I mean, scroll down - and feel free to wish you were back in Washington also.

Some of my favorite memories were boating, picnicking, swimming and golfing near the Columbia River. Our section of the river is beautifully framed by cliffs and hills so that on clear days there is a perfect reflection of the mountains on the water. 

Even though our brief trip was two weeks ago, I have loved taking my time to go through my photos and remember how much fun we had. I can't wait to go back!

Visiting Mattawa Part 1

Last weekend we jumped on a plane for a quick trip to my hometown in Washington state. 

When you think of Washington I know what comes to mind: space needles and Sleepless in Seattle. While we do love our Puget Sound, my version of Washington is about 3 hours inland where things flatten out a little bit and we are known for our wind, not our rain.

My grandparents moved to the state decades ago to start their apple orchard farms. I'm a little biased, but you haven't really eaten an apple unless you picked it yourself on a cold, crisp, Mattawa morning.

 Mattawa is a tiny town, fueled by the agriculture along the Columbia River. Since we hadn't been back to visit (WA is a little out of the way...) since the beginning of my blog (it had been waaay too long!), we made the most of our couple days.

We lived out our Friday Night Lights dream watching my brother, who is a captain of the football team, play his heart out! I reminisced of my own high school career as a cheerleader and was surprised that I could still cheer along with the squad!

We ate lunch at my favorite place growing up (the taco wagon) and stopped by Estudillos for my absolute favorite candy

in the whole world

. I should have grabbed more because home is the only place I can find it! We even searched every candy and grocery store in Mexico during our trip last year, and couldn't find



The reason for our trip to the Northwest was because my brother had been serving a two-year mission in the heart of Navajo country in New Mexico. During his mission I only spoke to him twice! Once during Christmas and once on Mother's Day when he accidentally called me instead of Mom. I am so proud of everything that he learned and all of the service that he gave as he taught people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even though he was an amazing missionary it is sooo good to have him back so we can chat whenever we want.