Round Braided Challah

I have an on-going list of things that I want to learn and get really good at. I want to add so many skills to my life that I don't have time to sit around! My list includes playing the Cello, photography, calligraphy, jazz crooning, publish a novel and become an expert bread maker.

I have been working on the last item on my list lately, which means I've made a lot of bread in the past month! Brioche, artisan, challah, marraqueta and my next recipe is croissant! I want to find the best recipe out there, perfect it and then keep it a coveted secret until I'm a little old lady and every one in my family is trying to bribe the recipe out of my wrinkled hands before I die. Too intense?

These little braided wheels took me forever to figure out, but I love the way they look. I had to draw myself a diagram (right brained!) until I realized how easy they were.

What goals do you have? My list is long but it can definitely keep growing! Follow my

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