Columbia River Washington LDS Temple Painting

Lately I've been learning a few things about being a grown-up. The first is that we are in the full swing of life, and I love the adventure! Seeing all of my friend's graduation pictures from this weekend has made me a little sentimental though. Even though we didn't 'walk' at our graduation ceremony, I can't help feeling all of the emotions of bittersweet-happiness as our student-days end.

The second is that home decor is best with a little personality mixed in.

We were married in the Columbia River Washington LDS Temple 3 years ago, and I recently realized that we don't have a photo of the beautiful building in our home! I thought that the best way to remember that special day was to paint my own version of the temple.

Not only does it remind us of our wedding day, but it brings a little piece of Washington (which feels very far away right now) closer. This was the temple that I attended while growing up, and it reminds me of my dear friends and family!

I am going to continue painting temples because they are buildings that hold a lot of power and meaning. I recently posted an immediate digital download of this temple in my shop so you can get a copy of your own if it is a special temple to you!

Click here to get your own copy.

I also recently set up an Instagram handle @HelloHydrangea. So be sure to tag me so I can see the print in your home too!