Lucky Numbers

I've started a new goal which I call 'no screens after 5pm'. 

I'm realizing that as a full time Marketing Graphic Designer I am staring at screens all day long. Even when I'm not working on editing photos on my computer I am staring at the screen of my iphone, tracking


' social media performance. 

When the work day is over I have been trying to find an outlet without any screens involved. Painting has been one of my go-to activities.

I just turned 23 on March 23rd, and wanted to paint these lucky numbers for my home office! I love the splotchy effect on the grey numbers. It reminds me of oil and water. Even though it is kind of messy, it works. Basically, the story of my life.

If I stick to my 'no screens' rule, hopefully I will have all the numbers painted pretty soon! I've realized that throughout life we memorize so many sets of numbers. Phone numbers, locker combos, addresses, dates, zip codes, apt numbers, id numbers... frankly it can be hard to forget some of the numbers we have to memorize. I've also realized that each set of numbers that we memorize marks a different time in our life. I can still remember my student id number from college and whenever I recite it I remember being on campus. Basically, numbers have a lot of meaning to our lives. Just as you display a special word or phrase in your home, framing a set of numbers can have an exclusive meaning to just you or your family. I am planning on framing the numbers 831 next. Anyone visiting would think they were random, but to my hubby and I they are our very first apartment together. You can either frame them separate or I can combine them for you into any size. As with all of my paintings they are available as an immediate digital download in my etsy shop!