Wild Blackberry Jam

This entire post makes me feel like Huckleberry Finn. 

When we heard that there were wild blackberries in the bayou behind our apartments we didn't waste a second. We grabbed some bags and went berry hunting. Half of the park was flooded from one of Houston's famous rainstorms so we had to jump across puddles and carry our poor pup to avoid getting too wet. 

I learned that the key to wild blackberry picking is having a good stick to hold your juicy bags behind you and push the thorns out of the way to reach the best berries.

 It truly doesn't get any more organic than this!

We didn't know what to do with all of our berries at first but then we decided to make jam that very night. By 10pm we had 4 jars of sweet jam and a very messy kitchen.


  • 5 cups berries
  • 7 cups sugar (hey, I said organic, not healthy!)
  • 1 package Pectin

1. Rinse your berries. Wash your jars. Get every pot that you own out.

2. Put your pectin and berries in a large pot and heat on high until they boil.

3. Add all of your sugar at once. Bring everything back to a boil for one minute.

4. Fill your jars with the jam., wipe the rims and screw on the lids.

5. Place your covered jars in another pot of boiling water so that the tops are covered by 1 inch of water.

6. Boil jars for 10 minutes to create a seal.

Let your jam cool in the fridge overnight so that the consistency sets and then enjoy your jam for breakfast!