Wooden Moulding Wall Arrow

This is the tutorial that finally ended with me in the ER. Don't be scared away - it's not dangerous if you aren't a distracted clutz like me!

I have had a collection of wooden moulding since a guest post about a year ago. I loved the different designs but never knew what to do with it until I finally decided to experiment and put it on my wall. 

I tried

four different ways to distress the wood

- each one gives a unique, weathered look! There are some crazy methods that I tried but I'll post them at the beginning of next week so you can see for yourself. The moulding itself is only a dollar/yard at your nearest craft store! 

First, cut your painted moulding into 6 inch sections with a reflected 50 degree angle on one end so that they fit together in chevron shape.

This is the part where I thought I would get out the miter saw and quickly cut some wood. That's when I accidentally sawed through my hand, almost fainted, and ended up with four stitches in ER at 2am. Please don't follow me on that part of the tutorial!

My wonderful husband took pity on me after a few days and finished cutting the wood so that I could complete the project.

Cut some thick paper into a shape to fit on the back of the wood. You don't want it to be seen so make sure it doesn't extend past the wood on either side and paint it the color of the wall that you will be hanging this piece on.

Use some wood glue to attach each piece of wood on the thick paper. Make sure to line up the angled edges so that they look clean.

Turn the wood over and let it dry. Then use a few nails in between the moulding (I used a twisted moulding piece that made a few natural holes on the edges anyway so I slipped a nail through one or two and through the paper to hold it up against the wall).