Gold Leaf Woven Necklace

I am a little embarrassed how much I wear this piece. If you've seen me in the last month, chances are I was wearing my little woven necklace at least once. No regrets! Although I love weaving on my giant loom, the process takes hours to complete a piece. If you just want a taste of weaving, this little guy is easy and only takes an hour.

Today I am sharing the full tutorial to create your own woven necklace over at the

Say Yes Blog

. Hop on over to see the full instructions... then once you've completed the tutorial come back to see me for the finishing touch.

Every piece of jewelry, whether it's woven or not, needs a hint of gold. To add gold to your weave simply follow these three steps 1. glue 2. gold leaf 3. hairspray. The hairspray is essential to keep the gold from flecking off while you're wearing your necklace.

Hopefully in the next few weeks you will see a slight change in the design and focus of HH. I'm working hard to find the right way to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary... can't wait!