Custom Weaving

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 you've probably noticed my favorite passion, weaving. As a graphic designer by trade I spend my days in back of a camera or in front of a computer. I love coming home after work and sitting down at my loom to let my mind wonder as I play with the warp. Weaving, to me, is the perfect marriage of bold colors, sharp shapes and soft textures. It is the medium that I have been searching for my entire life. I can't stop sketching new designs!

If you want me to create you

a custom piece

, complete with design sketches and color matching, visit

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! I love weaving with people in mind and I will be sure to create a conversation-starter piece for you to hang in your home.

One of my favorite things about weaving is the journey. Each weave takes me up to 10 hours to complete and a few of those hours are spent undoing what I had originally designed. The journey of weaving always begins with an idea but halfway through I always have to admit that what I imagined doesn't look as good as what I produce if I let the yarn do the talking. Little by little my weave comes alive until I've reached a stopping point and realized that I had no idea how it would end up looking.