Visiting Mattawa Part 2

I promise these are my last photos from our trip to Washington - it seems too long ago already! 

Now that I live in flat Houston, TX I've realized how much I took for granted the beautiful Northwest. I couldn't help but take too many photos of the landscape as we travelled from Seattle to the east side of the state. The difference is amazing, but both are amazing in their own way. If you want to see what I mean, scroll down - and feel free to wish you were back in Washington also.

Some of my favorite memories were boating, picnicking, swimming and golfing near the Columbia River. Our section of the river is beautifully framed by cliffs and hills so that on clear days there is a perfect reflection of the mountains on the water. 

Even though our brief trip was two weeks ago, I have loved taking my time to go through my photos and remember how much fun we had. I can't wait to go back!