Year End Weave

Mr. Shaggy is done. 

I have been saving usable scraps from for the last couple of months, waiting for a reason to recycle them. I finally found one when I saw the photo above of the embroidered lapels by 


. That girl knows how to rock some fringe! 

This weave means so much to me because every piece of yarn reminds me of a different wallhanging that I created and sent out into the world during this past year. I love to see photos of my little ladies in their new homes! I am always mailing weaves to a new, exciting place; wishing I could jump in the box with them and see where they end up. My tapestries have travelled across the whole USA as well as overseas including Asia, Europe, Australia & South America. 

Meeting people from all areas of the world & creating something special for them has been the highlight of my year - it makes me feel like I have friends in so many countries! Thank you all!