Wood Turning

Most days while I'm upstairs weaving and watching reruns of Star Trek, my talented hubby is downstairs working on his own artistic hobby - and it is much more exciting to watch than mine is! The result of his work is beautiful wooden bowls in all shapes, colors and sizes. I have piles of them on my desk to catch all of my supplies. The live edge designs are my favorite. They are unpredictable and each one is unique, just like the wood that they come from. 

Wood turning reminds me of our shared love for ceramics... except for the sharp tools & solid chunk of heavy wood that is spinning super fast. When the wood is securely attached to a wooden laithe it spins fast enough that he can shave parts away. He begins by shaping the outside and then turns the bowl around to hollow out the inside. In between the two he sands them smooth, oils them to bring out the grain and puts a protective coat ontop so they are very durable.

I have started putting a few in my etsy shop so you can grab one for yourself! 

 If you don't follow me on Instagram yet, I love posting updates from both of our 'studios'. Videos of the turning process always amaze me. Sometimes I find myself watching youtube channels of master turners working in double speed.