Woven Necklaces

Hoarding beads runs through my veins. I've always loved making jewelry! Even in the midst of filling weaving orders and warping looms, my fingers itch to sift through my bead collection to make some wearable art. 

A couple months ago, I began to expand my search for new textile materials to use in my weaves. I love knowing that the story of my art extends beyond my own designs. It feels amazing to use vintage, world-sourced materials in a new way because they always come with their own history and personality! While sourcing materials and talking to collectors, I found myself picking out small charms and baubles as well.  Without realizing it, I began to combine my love for fiber and jewelry at the same time and now I wear these pieces all the time!

 The greatest thing about these handwoven/handbeaded necklaces is that each one is incredibly unique. I wouldn't be able to recreate one if I tried! The foundation is woven from my collection of favorite yarns. Hand-dyed wool and cotton remnants that I don't have enough of to use in my larger wall hangings. Ontop of each weave I carefully selected a combination of beads, gems, charms and sequins from around the world.

Necklaces include agates and druzies, Native American buffalo bone, Greek ceramics, vintage Venetian glass, Turkmen metals, Moroccan sequins, Ethiopian telsum, Egyptian assuit and Czech copper, among others. Sourcing new pieces has become another one of my favorite hobbies!

The three pieces above are now available in my shop. Each is backed with leather cowhide for durability and tied on a soft suede lace.


 Visit my shop to read the story of each necklace. Whenever I wear one of them I always get questions and enjoy sharing the story of each bead that is featured!