Clayton 5 Months

This boy is 5 months today. Each day it gets funner to be his mom as I watch him learn and grow. (And grow, and grow!) He started solids this week and now he thinks any type of food that we're eating should be fair game for his little grabby hands. He loves watching the dogs and being outside. He rolls and scoots across the house. He's got 2 teeth. There is constantly drool. He does this move that I like to call the 'skydiver' where he lifts his arms and legs up and balances on his belly. Go ahead and try it - talk about a workout!

We love this boy!

So, I haven't posted for a while, and my blog has never been super focused on our family. The name that I bought 6 years ago for a fun craft blog with a friend has since been transformed to my weaving business pseudonym and the blog has been almost forgotten. Since the start of my blog, our family has moved a number of times, started and ended different jobs and schools and gained 2 fluffy members , plus this bright eyed boy, I would like to see it focus more on our adventures together (with the occasional weaving tutorial here and there... because, ofcourse!)