The SIX Items You Need to Start Weaving Like a Pro

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I get asked, 'What do I need to start weaving?' all the time by students who have never done it before. Believe me, I get it... you want to get all of the shiny tools so that your tapestries actually look good (after all of your hard work!) but you don't want to spend money on things you don't need.

Guess what? These 6 items are the ONLY things you need to get started. You will be weaving like a pro by the end of the weekend!

1. Loom

If your budget is extra tight you can always use a piece of cardboard to make your own loom. However I suggest getting a durable wooden frame loom if you want to see your skills progress quickly and easily. The best looms are at least 18" wide, made of hard wood, have notches that allow you to decide how close/far apart your warp strings are, and it's a plus if it is adjustable! I've put together all of these features into my large adjustable looms. They are completely unique because they can be adjusted WHILE you are weaving, so your tension is always spot on. Learn more  by clicking above.

2. Cotton Warp

The yarn that you use for your warp needs to be smooth, strong and consistent width. It will need to withstand constant tension and friction from beating down weft yarns. You can use thinner warp yarn... but I love the look of using a thicker warp yarn and this is my favorite kind! I get 14 oz cones... but if you just want to try it out you can pick up a small ball.

CLICK HERE to read my post about HOW TO WARP YOUR LOOM two different ways.


3. Weaving Needle

A tapestry needle is required for my video courses. This long steel needle is amazing for detail work and making sure that the back of your tapestry stays clean and tidy.

4. Yarn

weaving yarn supplies

Choosing yarn is completely up to you. In fact, I'm sure you have a ball or two lying around your house. You can pick up some at a local craft store or search etsy for hand-dyed specialty yarns.

CLICK HERE for my monthly weaving yarn picks to see some of my favorite yarns for weaving!

5. Welcome to Weaving

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The best way to learn how to weave is by watching someone else do it. That's why I've created my complete, easy-to-follow beginner and intermediate video weaving classes.  with the basic supplies in my class you will learn how to weave from start to finish with in one sitting. No more flipping back-and-forth between Pinterest and YouTube... just enjoy learning how to weave with me!

6. Hairbrush

You can spend $$ on a fancy weaving beater to pack down your rows... but I love the springiness and durability of a hairbrush... or grab a fork!

Oh... and not that you NEED this to start weaving... but run into your backyard and grab some kind of stick/pencil/dowel/rod to hang it on!

Now that you've rounded up all of the necessary supplies you are ready to start weaving like a pro. Follow along with my class and soon you'll be hanging up your first weaving sampler, and I promise, you'll be hooked after that!

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Learn how to Weave Beginners Video Class