DIY Macrame Triangle Kits

I'm so excited to release this design of macrame triangle kits!  💕
Make the most of your creative time. I've done the leg work of testing, sourcing and compiling all of the supplies and skills you need. All that's needed from you is a desire to CREATE!

Each kit comes with all of the supplies, plus a full class, including a detailed video. All you need is the desire to create.”

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I have been teaching online weaving and macramé classes for about two years. I have thousands of students around the world and I love it, but I keep hearing the same questions: ‘where do I find supplies?’ ‘How do I find time to create?’

I understand how hard it is to make time to create when there are so many tasks to finish before the actual creating can begin. I did all of the leg room with these macramé kits. Testing designs, sourcing high quality materials, creating patterns and diagrams, making the techniques as easy as possible to learn.

A lot of people have also been asking what skill level they need? I just want to clarify ANYONE will love them. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced crafter. These kits are designed for anyone, especially those with limited creative time. All you need is the desire to create!

Here's how they work: within minutes of the package arriving at your door you can glance through the class, turn on your video and get started. It’s like a mini class with more purpose because by the end you’ll have a beautiful piece ready for your home.

These kits are more than just craft projects. I’m passionate about sharing the creative process, which is why I’ve been working for the past few months to put all of the knowledge and materials in your hand, so that when you see the finished piece hanging in your home, it’s not just a pretty thing, it’s something You created.

triangle macrame kits