Why I Create

Why I create.


During the last few years of growing Hello Hydrangea, I’ve had some time to really think about what drives me. If you ever look through my shop, you will see that I occasionally sell some finished art, but the main products I love to spend my time working on are products that empower others to create!  I love teaching and delivering tools that allow YOU to create your own masterpieces. I love it even more when my students come back to share what that creative process has meant to them.


I want to share why I choose to spend my time sharing projects and being transparent about my processes/techniques by explaining the benefits I see when you create something yourself. 

1.       Builds confidence and courage

Once you start the creative process in one space, it acts as a domino effect. You will notice that confidence that comes with finishing a project spread to other areas. For me, its like once I figure out how to do something hard in one area, I feel confident and courageous to tackle other issues/problems in other areas of my life. I especially see this effect in my new role as a mom. Creating helps you turn roadblocks into opportunities. If you can’t go through an obstacle, creativity gives you the courage and positivity to find another way around, over or below instead!

2.       The process is empowering

I will be the first to admit that not every tapestry I make turns out exactly how I hoped. There are definitely some that never make it on Instagram! Even if the final result isn’t what you expected, there is power in the process of problem solving and creativity.  The idea is to fail fast – this means that you try a lot of things and make a lot of mistakes all in the search for figuring it out.  Becoming better at something doesn’t come with time, it comes with practicing the process! Each failed attempt will teach you a lesson and make you a better person because of it, so don’t be afraid to jump in and try.

mucloth weave

3.       Discover what’s unique to you!

I believe that every person was given innate talents. That’s why comparison is the thief of joy – you’re not going to be good at everything, and everyone isn’t going to be good at what YOU do. That’s why creating is so important. Creative time helps you find out what makes you, you! Don’t assume you will or won’t succeed at anything until you try it. Some things will come easy, and some will be more difficult, but creativity is an important part of the process to discovering the talents that make you unique.

4.       Ability to teach others and enrich their lives

When I learn a new skill, all I want to do is share it with others. In 8th grade I taught my entire class to knot friendship bracelets for a fundraiser. Even the boys! That’s still one of my favorite memories from school. Making something by yourself, for yourself is nice, but seeing others enjoy the creative process because of something you taught them is the best feeling in the world!

Diamond twill lesson from my Intermediate Weaving class

Diamond twill lesson from my Intermediate Weaving class

Creativity will always have a key role in my life. Helping others be creative has become my goal for Hello Hydrangea because I know how important it is!  Why do you create? Feel free to share in the comments.