September's Project: Twining Patterns

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to start a special project called the Monthly Weaving Series. Each month I create a brand new video class covering exclusively for subscription members. It is a way for me to explore all of the weaving techniques on my list of to-do projects, and share it with YOU so that you can follow along and make something beautiful of your own.

I encourage participants to share their progress on Instagram, using #monthlyweavingseries .

This month we will be learning all about Twining. It is one of the basic weaving techniques, practiced all over the world. With a few tricks and rules to learn, you can create unlimited patterns with simple twining, and I’ll explain them as simply as possible. As always, the class includes links to materials, diagrams, and step-by-step video instructions. This class goes over everything you need to know to create this technique, including an ebook, video tutorial and supply list in case you want to get the exact same materials I use. (Hint: they’re all available on Amazon!)

You can click below to learn more about the Monthly Weaving Series and join!