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Each month I create an exclusive woven project tutorial for subscription members. These are weaving projects that are shown from start to finish so that you understand how to get into the flow of the techniques. I expand on techniques taught in my available weaving classes by showing you different ways to use them, as well as introduce new techniques.

This Month’s Project


This month we will be learning a weaving technique that is classic, yet very unknown. Lace weaving involves creating a secure foundation before weaving a graphic image throughout the surface. The result is a delicate gossamer work of art. You can play with the colors to blend in with the wall behind, or pop out from the wall, to showcase the design even more. As always, the class includes links to materials, diagrams, and step-by-step video instructions.


Direct to Your Inbox

Projects come in the form of a pdf with a supply list (although these projects are meant to be used by a number of materials you probably already have!), instructions and a video. You will receive a new project each month. The month’s project will be emailed to you on the Thursday night (PST) after you sign up or your subscription renews (or the last day of the month), which is the same date each month, so the month that you sign up for the subscription will be the month that you begin receiving the projects.

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You can cancel your subscription at any time. The classes are available at a premium price, a-la-carte, when the month is over.

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Skill level: These projects are at a beginner-intermediate skill level. You will do best if you have taken my beginning weaving class!